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Chinese authorities forcibly remove crosses Three-Self Churches in Wenzhou

Wenzhou city has one of the highest Christian population densities in China.

Chinese Nuns Working in Vatican’s Hong Kong Mission Detained in Hebei

Last May, during a visit home to Hebei province, the Chinese nuns were arrested by mainland authorities.

Beijing Pastor under house arrest since 2011 finally freed

Shouwang Church has been targeted by the government for its refusal to join the state-approved Three Self Church.

Christian ministry sends 160,000 Bibles and books to China amid persecution

Since 1956, Mission Cry has reached 178 nations with $390 million worth of Bibles and Christian books.

A house church was raided by authorities during a service in China

It is likely that the church will continue to face harassment, unless the faithful are willing to stop gathering.

China’s Zhejiang province authorities asks teachers "not to believe in religion"

The Chinese Communist Party has not stopped, even for one day, with ts plan to clamp down on Christianity.

Vladimir Lenin replaced by Jesus Christ in Ukrainian village

The previous figure on the pedestal disappeared in 2014 and it has been empty ever since.

Sellers of audio Bible players face court in China

The four Christian men are currently detained in Bao’an District Detention Centre.

Vietnamese Catholic activist arrived in the US for asylum

In communist Vietnam, being active in social justice and bold in one’s faith could mean threats, harassment, or even imprisonment.

Joint prayer network banned by Chinese government in Beijing

During the pandemic, China has further tightened its grip on house churches.