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A film about Copts murdered by jihadists in Libya to be released in Egypt

The director will be Yussef Nabil, whose life has already been in jeopardy for producing a film about Christian martyrs.

Coptic Orthodox Church postpones reopening - for a reason

Many Christian communities feel the societal tension about COVID and do not want to risk accusations of spreading the virus

Coptic Christians still underrepresented in Parliament

Without actual data on the Christian presence in the country, Coptic Christians will not see proportional representation

Police kill militants in Cairo who had been planning attack on Coptic Christians

The suspects were planning attacks on the country’s Coptic Christians during the Holy Week and Easter Sunday.

Egyptian Christians gather for Christmas

The holiday is public in Egypt and is celebrated today by all Christian denominations.

Video: Christians rejoice after the removal of Sudan's president

The local Christians spirits have been raised in hope