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After recovering from COVID-19 Burkina Faso cardinal calls for relief for Africa

In his country, Burkina Faso, Christian communities have been forced to live under threat of Jihadist terrorism in recent years.

Iraqi priest: pandemic is sinking the economy but helping the Islamic State

The weakening economy increases poverty which is working in favour of jihadist recruitment.

Patriarch Sako: Iraqi people have limited protection against the virus

The spiralling effect of the coronavirus has severe consequences in Iraq.

Attackers burn Mississippi Church to the ground after it defies lockdown

Someone also spray-painted graffiti on the First Pentecostal Church of Holly Springs: “I bet you stay home now, hypokrits” [sic]

Lawmakers urge Pentagon to protect Christians in military

Religious restrictions have increased in the USA amid the pandemic.

YouTube bans John Piper’s audiobook, ‘Coronavirus and Christ’

The book offers six biblical answers to the question: What is God doing through the coronavirus?

British Parliamentarians urge governments to release prisoners of conscience

ICCPR states that 'Everyone has the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion'

"Exercising religion is essential" - Trump DOJ sides with Virginia Church

An order from Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam bans in-person gatherings of more than ten people.

Polish priest installed a non-contact holy water font in his church

Father Henryk Kowalski encourages people to adapt to this unusual situation and always trust in God.

"This virus seems to go to church but bypasses supermarkets"

The auxiliary Bishop of Lviv referred to the current situation related to the life of the Church during the coronavirus pandemic.