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Christian convert released from prison in Iran

In August 2019 US Vice President Mike Pence mentioned Mahrokh by name and in a Tweet demanded her freedom.

Double standards regarding safety regulations in English places of worship

"If stores are open, just like mosques and synagogues, why should churches be closed?" asks Bishop Philip Egan.

Austria: modernists want Holy Mass... without a priest!

Prof. Tück noted that anti-clerical movements use the coronavirus pandemic to diminish the importance of priestly service.

French Evangelists targeted by hate speech for allegedly spreading coronavirus

Some of the hateful messages included death threats directed at this Christian community.

France: Which pandemic? Abortion matters!

French Health Minister Olivier Véran is worried about access to abortion while France fails to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic.

USA: seven pro-lifers arrested for praying in front of an abortion centre

The pro-lifers announced that they will continue to defend the lives of the unborn.

From Syria with love, prayers and solidarity

ACN project partner’s heart-felt coronavirus message.

Canada has just declared abortion essential.

Not even a global pandemic is enough to curtail a pledge to the killing of the unborn.

France: two churches graffitied in Loire-Atlantique region in just three days

The lockdown imposed on the French population doesn't seem to discourage church vandals in times of the COVID-19 pandemic.

New York Mayor threatens to "permanently" close churches and synagogues

Bill de Blasio's threats represent a serious attack on freedom of religion.