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COVID-19 restrictions "harmed religious minorities", according to USCRIF

The report expains that “the pandemic fostered a wave of misinformation targeting religious minorities.”

Canadian health authorities barricade a church

Earlier this year, the church's pastor was jailed for a month and a half for refusing to respect health restrictions.

Pastor arrested for violating worship restrictions to be released from jail

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police and Alberta Health Services have been investigating the church.

Fifty-two per cent of Americans volunteered for the first time during a pandemic

Sixty-five per cent of Americans said the pandemic has provided them with a “wake-up call” to reach out to their communities.

Malta's Episcopate cancels Masses for the faithful

Parish offices will only be open for basic services and preferably by appointment only.

Canadian pastor to remain in jail until May for violating COVID-19 restrictions

According to The Edmonton Journal, GraceLife Church has been holding in-person services in his absence.

Half of the churches in the Diocese of Aliwal were robbed during the shutdown

Half of the fifty-five churches in the diocese have been robbed.

Atheist group demands Maryland city to stop opening meetings with a prayer

As C. S. Lewis rightly noticed, "atheists express their rage against God although in their view He does not exist."

Canadian church fined for second time for violation of gatherings ban

Riverside was first fined for refusing to adhere to a public health restriction on in-person worship last November.

Nigerian Christians are trapped between COVID-19 and terrorism

The United States added Nigeria to its list of countries that have engaged in or tolerated ongoing religious persecution.