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Cuba released journalist imprisoned for covering arrest of Christian parents

Roberto Quiñones Haces was sentenced to one year in a labour camp, according to the U.S. State Department.

The National Council of Churches recognizes religious freedom in Cuba

The National Council of Churches (NCC) of the United States recognized the religious freedom existing in Cuba.

The first Cuban Catholic radio on the Internet

"Radio El Sonido de la Esperanza" is the first Catholic radio station in Cuba to broadcast online 24 hours a day.

Cuba released pastor who spent one year in jail for home-schooling his children

The U.S. State Department placed Cuba on its “special watch list” of countries engaging in severe violations of religious freedom.

Churches, activists and children harassed by Cuban authorities

The government has been abusing freedom of religion for years.

Christian journalist harassed by Cuban domestic intelligence

Yoe Suárez reported on human rights issues for non-state media outlets.

The repression of Christians continues in Cuba

The change of presidency in Cuba has not changed the antichristianism of this island and tropical communist regime.

Cuba ramps up religious persecution after election

Cuban Communist Party (CCP) is fearful of pastors because they sway public sentiment.