Tag: Discrimination against Christians

Christians warn of Lebanon’s growing problems

Some Christians have experienced persecution at accessing financial resources, however, rely on these funds to rebuild their lives

Protestant pastor’s American wife was denied visa - She is not alone

Many were issued an entry ban on the grounds that their Christian activities are a ‘threat to national security and public order

Christian victim of bonded labor in Pakistan threatened into silence

Victims of bonded labor and their families are extremely pressurized and threatened in the villages by landlords

Hopes wilt for teaching Christianity in schools in Sudan

"In remote areas where there are no churches or Christian schools students are forced to take Islamic Religion."

Pakistan: Church protests discriminatory job advertisement

Pakistani Church authorities express their objection over a job advert offering cleaning jobs exclusively to non-Muslims.

Attacks on Christians skyrocketing in Spain

Attacks on religious freedom have been growing continuously since 2014 when the OLRC began collecting data. 

Will COVID-19 be used as a pretext to close down churches after the pandemic?

Sam Brownback appealed to governments around the world to pay special attention to observance of religious freedom.

Purchasing a house in a “Muslim neighbourhood" as a Christian can cost your life

Intolerance and persecution are part of the daily life of Christians in Pakistan.

Turkey allows for reporting religion change on-line

Turkey require citizens to have a religious affiliation on official documents, which creates challenges for Christians.

Christians in Laos still subject to persecution despite reported improvements

Christian villagers in Laos are marginalised in their interactions with the government and often cheated on.