Tag: Discrimination against Christians

Christians continue to suffer persecution in Indonesia

Freedom of religion has been under threat for many years in Indonesia

French authorities elaborate new strategy to tackle anti-religious hate crimes

Support for victims is considered key and corresponds to a “constant and legitimate request from the cults encountered”.

Christian families socially boycotted in Central India

Christians are often regardes as second class citizens in this region of the world.

Police enter Italian church to question adorers about mask mandate

The parish priest told the officer to leave and to at least take off his hat in the presence of the Blessed Sacrament.

Recent survey reveals that anti-religious violence rose by nearly 40% in France

Of the 1.659 anti-religious incidents in 2021, 857 were against Christians, which makes them the most targeted religion in France.

A French priest has been spit on and insulted in Arabic

French Christians are regularly targeted by young Arabs who often get radicalised in the hoods.

Algerian authorities continue to arrest Christians while churches remain closed

Algeria is on the US Special Watch List for countries that have engaged in or tolerated “severe violations of religious freedom"

A clinic course calls the Bible and Christianity "racist"

Amy Gallagher has spent more than £20,000 in her training to become a psychotherapist.

Christianophobia on the rise across Europe

Most acts of Christianophobia in Europe can be put in the category of discrimination rather than physical extermination (for now).

Young Christians rejected for reporting cleric’s hate speech against Christians

Christians are often stgmatised for their faith in Indonesia.