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Trump's second term priority list includes religious freedom

The Trump campaign has added bullet points concerning abortion and religious freedom to its list of second-term priorities.

Poll finds Catholics divided by race and party in 2020 election

White and Hispanic Catholics have historically voted for different political parties in presidential elections

President Trump announces peace deal between UAE and Israel

The UAE has become the third Arab country to have established peaceful ties with Israel.

Portland rioters burn Bibles and American flag outside federal building

An 18-year-old man was charged for allegedly throwing an explosive device into the entrance of the federal courthouse in Portland.

French Antifa rejoice after the Nantes Cathedral fire

A dozen buildings fell victim of flames provoked by criminals in France in the last years.

Historic St. John's Church vandalised in Seattle

Riots led to the torching of a basement nursery at the historic church, also known as the "church of the presidents".

Trump signs order allocating $50M for international religious freedom programmes

On Monday evening, Trump visited the historic St. John’s Church, which was burned by rioters.

Senators ask President Trump to address Christian persecution in Nigeria

The number of Christians killed in 2020 alone is over six hundred.

After Trump call to reopen churches, Catholic doctor says it can be done safely

While President Donald Trump's May 22 call to reopen churches has become a source of national controversy

President Trump warns of broken America if churches aren’t reopened

The American President considers that it is now time to move on and relax the restrictions imposed on church gatherings.