Tag: Down Syndrome

UK High Court upholds law allowing Down syndrome abortions after 24 weeks

Human rights don't seem to apply to everyone equally after all.

Richard Dawkins encourages the killing of the unborn

"I think it would be wise and reasonable to remove a child with a serious disability" says the scientist.

French pro-lifers organised remarkable advertising campaign in Paris

The posters will be hung in the Paris metro and suburban stations until the 24th of March.

Babies with Down syndrome are being denied the right to be born in Denmark

The Danish National Board of Health reports that 95% of pregnant women whose fetus has a chromosomal abnormality opt for abortion.

Eugenic abortions will no longer be legal in Tennessee

For the Republican governor of Tennessee, Bill Lee, the sentence means victory in a battle - though not a war - to save life.

Poland court ruling bans eugenic abortions

The decision halts "pregnancy terminations" for foetal abnormalities, virtually the only type currently performed in the country.

Denmark: Only 18 children with Down syndrome are born in a year

Fortunate coincidence or national infanticide?

Woman with Down syndrome aims to change UK abortion laws

In the UK about nine in ten women have abortions after being given a diagnosis of Down syndrome.

Life of babies with Down Sydrome at high risk in Northern Ireland

In England and Wales, most children diagnosed with Down Syndrome are being killed in the womb.

Ashton Kutcher: everyone's life is valuable

A post clicked more than 15 million times in just a couple of days