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Certain Christian ruins in Egypt pre-date Muslim presence

The omission of historic Christianity leaves room for discrimination and persecution in the region.

Deadly attack on Copts in Alexandria: two radical Muslims charged with murder

Coptic Christians are facing severe persecution across the Middle East and North Africa

Attackers of Coptic men were charged with murder in Egypt

Two Muslim brothers have been officially charged with murder after an attack in Alexandria in December 2020.

Christian mother and daughter forced to live with jihadist

The mother was forced to convert to Islam and marry an Islam man. Later, her daughter was also forced to live with her stepfather.

Islamists tried to kill a Christian leader in Egypt

According to eyewitnesses, a Christian died and others were injured in the attack.

Egyptian minister: people should fight together against religious violence

According to the Egyptian minister of religious endowments, Christians and Muslims should protect churches and mosques together.

Christian woman lost her husband and child due to persecution

The family was travelling to visit a monastery when their microbus was attacked by radical Islamists.

Gunmen Kidnap Coptic Christian in Egypt

Targeted Violence Haunts Egypt’s Sinai Christians

Faith tourism does not guarantee religious freedom in Egypt

Persecution of Christians in Sinai was so intense that most have been displaced from their homes.

Egyptian president Sisi spoke about religious freedom limitations

Tensions are on the rise in the Middle East after the publication of a caricature of the prophet Mohammed in the French press