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A Coptic Christian has been shot over 20 times in Egypt

A second person, Sherif Rashad, sustained a gunshot wound and was transferred to a hospital in Alexandria.

Egyptian priest murdered after years of persecution

Egyptian Coptic priest Arsanious Wadid was killed late last week. He reportedly faced years of persecution prior to his death.

Coptic priest stabbed to death in Egypt

Coptic Christians comprise approximately 10% of Egypt’s population, which is primarily Muslim.

Coptic Christian stabbed while attempting to save son from Muslim neighbour

Locals knew of the perpetrator as one who insulted and mistreated Christians.

98 female judges appointed in Egypt, none of them is Christian

Among the 98 female judges appointed on the 3rd of March, there is no Christian.

Coptic Christian brothers murdered and their bodies mutilated

The Copts (10% of Egypt’s population) are the descendants of a long line of ancient Egyptians who later converted to Christianity.

Three Coptic Christians brutally murdered in Egypt

The three brothers were working in an agricultural field at the moment of their death.

Coptic monasteries left to crumble in Egypt

Several Coptic monasteries in Egypt are facing renovation and reopening issues, including Saint Paul’s monastery near the Red Sea.

Egyptians love soccer, but Christians are left out

As the Egyptian national soccer team progressed through the African Cup of Nations, soccer fever once again gripped the nation.