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Catholic churches in Egypt offer Friday prayer for people infected by COVID-19

On March 13, the Egyptian catholic communities will pray for the victims of the coronavirus epidemic.

Egyptian Christian woman nominated for Nobel Peace Prize

She is often regarded as Egypt’s own “Mother Teresa.”

A way to help - Hope House: Breaking generational cycles of Persecution

In Muslim countries Christian children are denied quality education, while their parents suffer constant job discrimination.

Bishops propose Arab World Youth Day for Middle East Catholics

The proposed “World Day of Youth of the Arab Regions” would take place in Jordan as the first host country.

Egyptian priest nearly murdered

Local news reports that a Coptic Priest in Alexandria was nearly murdered on 3 February.

Coptic woman narrowly escapes attack

Christian women in Egypt are often targeted by extremists because they do not necessarily follow the Islamic dress code.

Egyptian Christians gather for Christmas

The holiday is public in Egypt and is celebrated today by all Christian denominations.

Egyptian Christian woman wins Court battle

Egyptian woman: "I have the right to ask to be treated equally as my brothers.”

Muslim Family Kills Son Over Christian Conversion

Muslims who convert to Christianity are viewed as apostates