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Coptic Christians Without Church for Easter Following Mob Attack

Though the church had applied for legal status in September 2017, it has yet to receive official authorization.

111 Egyptian Churches Receive Legal Status

Until now 894 churches have been approved out of the 3,730 churches that applied for legality

Extremists Single Out Coptic Christian Farmers

It was painful to see my animals burning and suffering, and I was disabled to help them

Egyptian churches are supervised by the government

More than 700 Christian places of worship are waiting for regularization.

Rami Malek is referred to as Arabian by the international press

There is a small problem here - he is Copt, not Arabian

First summit of EU and Arab League held in Egypt

The causes of today’s migration tensions will intensify

Sentence issued against policeman who murdered 2 Christians

Policeman Rabie Mustafa Khalifa sentenced to death for premeditated murder