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A Coptic Christian building was demolished in Egypt

Coptic Christian prayer hall was demolished in Egypt, on the 7th of September.

Egypt seeks to boost tourism sector by leveraging Christian heritage

Egypt is motivated to complete the restoration work on several Christian sites

Christian publishing houses participate in the Cairo International Book Fair

At least twenty-two Christian publishing houses are exhibiting at the 52nd edition of the Cairo International Book Fair.

Over 120 people ran to raise money to help Christian children in Egypt

On the 29th of May, more than one hundred twenty people ran in Belgium, to raise money to help Christian children in Egypt.

A young woman decided to mobilise Americans to march for persecuted Christians

Over 340 million Christians live in areas where they face persecution for their faith.

The tragic fate of Eritrean Christian

UN agencies estimate that hundreds of thousands of Eritreans have fled the country to Ethiopia, Sudan and Egypt in recent years.

Egypt legalises more Christian churches

Since the campaign launched in 2017, almost two thousand Christian churches have been legalised.

Christian mother and her four-year-old son murdered in Egypt

A radical Islamist tuk-tuk driver murdered a Christian mother and her four-year-old son on the 3rd of April, in Egypt.

Certain Christian ruins in Egypt pre-date Muslim presence

The omission of historic Christianity leaves room for discrimination and persecution in the region.