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Hundreds of Coptic Christian girls have recently been kidnapped in Egypt

Coptic Christians are being under continuous pressure in this majority Muslim country.

Christian advocacy group hails Israel-Emirates deal

President Donald Trump announced the diplomatic accord on the normalization of relations of the United Arab Emirates and Israel

Kidnapped Christian woman returned

Local news reports that on July 15th, Christian Egyptian woman Rania Abd El Misseh reunited with her family.

A film about Copts murdered by jihadists in Libya to be released in Egypt

The director will be Yussef Nabil, whose life has already been in jeopardy for producing a film about Christian martyrs.

Coptic Orthodox Church postpones reopening - for a reason

Many Christian communities feel the societal tension about COVID and do not want to risk accusations of spreading the virus

Coptic Christians still underrepresented in Parliament

Without actual data on the Christian presence in the country, Coptic Christians will not see proportional representation

Attempted attack on Orthodox church in Egypt

The incident resulted in no casualties or damages to the church. The police identified the attacker and arrested him.

Abductors of Egyptian Christian woman apprehended

Rania Abd el-Messiah, an Egyptian Christian woman was kidnapped on the 23rd of April and apparently forced to convert to Islam.

Seventy church buildings approved in Egypt

Amid some controversial legal issues, Egyptian authorities have legalised the building of seventy places of worship.

Egyptian Christian’s custody extended

Rami Kamil's detention was extended for 45 days.