Tag: Egypt’s Christians

Christian students beaten and ordered to remove Christian symbols in Egypt

When some Coptic students refused to remove their jewelry, they were beaten up by fellow students and their teachers.

17 Coptic Christians go missing in Libya

Numerous Coptic Christians cross over to Libya in search of work despite knowing that they will face severe persecution.

Egypt seeks to boost tourism sector by leveraging Christian heritage

Egypt is motivated to complete the restoration work on several Christian sites

A young woman decided to mobilise Americans to march for persecuted Christians

Over 340 million Christians live in areas where they face persecution for their faith.

Egypt legalises more Christian churches

Since the campaign launched in 2017, almost two thousand Christian churches have been legalised.

Isis executes a Coptic Christian in North Sinai

He was kidnapped on the 8th of November.

Certain Christian ruins in Egypt pre-date Muslim presence

The omission of historic Christianity leaves room for discrimination and persecution in the region.

Gunmen Kidnap Coptic Christian in Egypt

Targeted Violence Haunts Egypt’s Sinai Christians

Faith tourism does not guarantee religious freedom in Egypt

Persecution of Christians in Sinai was so intense that most have been displaced from their homes.

Hundreds of Coptic Christian girls have recently been kidnapped in Egypt

Coptic Christians are being under continuous pressure in this majority Muslim country.