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The pandemic of home abortions in Great Britain

An average of twenty ambulances a month are sent to women who report complications after "home abortions."

Chaplain banned from prison work for revealing islamic extremism

A group of Islamic extremists once stormed a chapel service and stole his bible.

A Polish man has been starved to death in an English hospital

The hospital notified the relatives of his death via email.

Gender clinic in London rated as 'inadequate' by UK gov't health commission

The actions were enforced against The Tavistock Centre.

Baptism service broken up by police for defying lockdown rules in Great Britain

“The pastor agreed not to proceed with the baptism or the in-person indoor service,” explained a police spokesman.

15th November: The International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church

Join Open Doors and pray for the persecuted Christians.

"Muhammad" remains most given newborn male name in the England and Wales

"Parents want their children not to forget their roots when they live in a foreign country," the national office explained.

Billy Vunipola explains decision not to kneel in support of BLM movement

"They were burning churches and Bibles. I can't support that", he said.

Renewed effort to preserve mural at Catholic church building in England

The artwork “is increasingly at risk of vandalism, theft, and the threat of redevelopment.”