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British Catholic priest subjected to dicsrimination by University for his views

Nottingham University agreed to allow David Palmer offer Mass on campus on Sunday's as a "guest priest".

Christian preacher arrested for reading the Bible out loud in London

Recent similiar examples show that freedom of speech and freedom of religion are under threat in Great Britain.

US street preacher arrested in London

He stressed that in the UK, “you cannot speak against homosexuality or transgenderism and you can’t speak against Islam.”

Ex-Muslim woman stabbed in London while preaching the Gospel

The evangelist reportedly said she is heartbroken over the weekend’s events and is still healing from a slash wound on her head. 

Christian street preacher wins case after being fined for evangelising

The preacher said he was “very glad the magistrates threw the case out and that reason and justice prevailed.”

Catholic teaching challenges award for Prince Harry, and wife’s two-child limit

An environmental charity recently awarded Prince Harry and Meghan Markle for limiting their family to two children.

Closure of abortion facilities could save hundred of Australian children

Marie Stopes International has about 600 centers in 37 countries, where about 5 million abortions are performed annually.

Street preacher takes up legal action against police after arrest and fine

During the Covid pandemic, 85,000 Covid fines were issued which are being reviewed.

Gennaro Gattuso attacked on Twitter after defending the traditional family model

Tottenham fans campaigned against Gattuso because he stood out in defence of traditional marriage.

Abortion rates jump significantly in England, Wales

Rise attributed to pandemic, DIY at-home terminations.