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Gennaro Gattuso attacked on Twitter after defending the traditional family model

Tottenham fans campaigned against Gattuso because he stood out in defence of traditional marriage.

Abortion rates jump significantly in England, Wales

Rise attributed to pandemic, DIY at-home terminations.

Christian speaker arrested at London's Speaker's Corner

Hatun Tash is a Christian preacher who has been speaking about Christianity in a predominantly Muslim community.

Complaint about ringing of church in Southern England

Build in the 14th century the Church's clock currently chimes every quarter of an hour.

Life size cross stolen in England

The stolen crucifix has now been validated to be £20,000 worth since it carries a sculpture of Jesus Christ.  

School chaplain reported for opposing LGBT curriculum challenges firing

In August 2019, he was informed by the school that he was being dismissed for "gross misconduct".

The pandemic of home abortions in Great Britain

An average of twenty ambulances a month are sent to women who report complications after "home abortions."

Chaplain banned from prison work for revealing islamic extremism

A group of Islamic extremists once stormed a chapel service and stole his bible.

A Polish man has been starved to death in an English hospital

The hospital notified the relatives of his death via email.

Gender clinic in London rated as 'inadequate' by UK gov't health commission

The actions were enforced against The Tavistock Centre.