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A church burned down in Ethiopia

Five churches have already been destroyed in the region of Omoria in the first three months of this year.

First bishop known to die of coronavirus was missionary in Ethiopia

The Italian bishop of a missionary region of Ethiopia is the first Catholic bishop known to have died of the coronavirus pandemic.

Ethiopian Archbishop refused entry to Eritrea

He and his fellows had to spend the night in the airport, before returning to Ethiopia.

Ethiopia: radical Muslims attack Christians and burn down a church

Twenty-three Christians with seven children fled to the neighboring neighborhood, where they are accommodated at the local church.

Eritrea: a high-ranked Ethiopian Catholic delegation blocked at Asmara airport

The harsh Asmara regime still shows distrust and suspicion of religious and political figures from Ethiopia.

Ethiopian Christmas celebrates National Unity

A majority Christian nation, Ethiopia still struggles with persecution

LGBT campaign against Ethiopia's religious values

Christian leaders: “We are witnessing foreign elements that are trying to spread homosexuality"

Conference on Cross-Border Peace and Evangelization in Kenya

"We will no longer remain indecisive and we will no longer be fearful."

Ethiopia: the Catholics of Pawi are delighted with their new church

Catholics of Pawi, in northwest Ethiopia, finally have a „proper“ church

Policeman lost his job because of his conversion to Christianity

He was dismissed for converting to the Christian faith in a country of thirty million Christians