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Salesians arrested in early November in Ethiopia have been released

The Ethiopian government closely monitors international cooperation organisations, including those linked to the Catholic Church

Ethiopian rebels took control over historic rock-hewn churches

As residents flee the town of Lalibela, the deputy mayor raised concerns about their safety and that of these ancient churches.

78 priests massacred by troops headed by Nobel Peace Prize laureate

The Nobel Prize committee refuses to revoke Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed's Nobel Peace Prize despite accusations of ethnic cleansing.

Pilgrims avoided Ethiopia’s historic churches at Easter

COVID-19 pandemic and recent fighting in Tigray sway tourists away from Lalibela rock churches.

The tragic fate of Eritrean Christian

UN agencies estimate that hundreds of thousands of Eritreans have fled the country to Ethiopia, Sudan and Egypt in recent years.

President Biden appoints special envoy for Horn of Africa

Eritrea was once again named in the US Commission on International Religious Freedom’s latest report.

Protesters urge admin. to take action against genocide of Orthodox Christians

The Biden administrations should take action against Ethiopia for genocide of Amhara, Orthodox Chrsitians.

Deadly attack against church in Ethiopia

On the 5th of March, armed men, allegedly belonging to the Oromo Liberation Front, broke into an Orthodox church.

A monastery looted and destroyed in Ethiopia

The latest attacks have come on the heels of considerable violence that began in November.