Tag: Eucharist

Blessed Sacrament stolen in North Carolina

Devastated by the news, parishioners fear that the consecrated host may have been taken to perform satanic rituals.

Maryland churches can hold Mass but... without Holy Communion!

The new rules for the celebration of the Holy Mass say that singing is "allowed but not recommended."

French bishop calls for Catholics’ right to participate freely in Mass

Bp. Bernard Ginoux's strongly worded letter received widespread attention in the French Catholic media.

"This virus seems to go to church but bypasses supermarkets"

The auxiliary Bishop of Lviv referred to the current situation related to the life of the Church during the coronavirus pandemic.

Austria: modernists want Holy Mass... without a priest!

Prof. Tück noted that anti-clerical movements use the coronavirus pandemic to diminish the importance of priestly service.

Michigan: a priest celebrated Mass in a parking lot in front of the church.

The faithful participated in the Mass sitting in their closed cars.

Pope Francis urges priests to bring Eucharist to the sick

“We continue to pray together for the sick who suffer from this epidemic,” Pope Francis declared.