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France: the Archbishop of Paris will pray in the Notre Dame Cathedral

The Archbishop is to be accompanied by only a few people, in accordance with strict security regulations.

The pandemic is a warning for clergymen, says Fr. Nicolas Bux

The Italian theologian warned church leaders against idolatry, which he called "the heaviest of sins."

"If people can’t go to church, church must go to the people"

Vicar blasts famous Christian hymn down London street and leads those in lockdown in the Lord's Prayer

A call to put Easter crosses in windows as rainbows spread hope across UK

Bishop Rt Rev Julian Henderson, has encouraged Christians to make a cross and place it in their window.

France: a church in Brest is vandalised and robbed

Church robberies and anti-Christian vandalism continue all around France despite the national lockdown.

Famous French pro-life activist Xavier Dor dies from coronavirus aged 91

Dr. Xavier Dor was sentenced eleven times by French courts for his pro-life activities.

Shroud of Turin to be shown via TV and social media to bring hope to people

"The Shroud presents to us in such a concrete way, the grace of overcoming evil as He did, trusting in the goodness and of God."

Priests have ‘obligation’ to give sacraments to dying, ‘regardless’ of what.

Because the priest's obligation is the person’s salvation over his own physical well-being,” he said.

Double standards regarding safety regulations in English places of worship

"If stores are open, just like mosques and synagogues, why should churches be closed?" asks Bishop Philip Egan.

Austria: modernists want Holy Mass... without a priest!

Prof. Tück noted that anti-clerical movements use the coronavirus pandemic to diminish the importance of priestly service.