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Elderly lady wins religious freedom challenge in England

She had been arrested for praying near an abortion clinic.

Nineteen attacks on Christians during Holy Week in Spain

The Observatory for Religious Freedom in Spain has reported that there were 19 attacks against Christians during Holy Week.

Blasphemous Burger King ad removed

Burger King advertised its vegan sandwich with a blasphemous campaign in Spain.

Transgender man to teach religion in German diocese

The Catholic diocese permitted a transgender man to teach religion to schoolchildren.

Tristan Azbej: Africa is a continent of challenges and possibilities

State Secretary: "We want to provide help by reinforcing the local communities.”

On average everyday two anti-Christian attacks took place in France in 2021

More than 800 anti-Christian incidents were reported in France in 2021.

Detailled report of the Päivi Räsänen hearing

Päivi Räsänen responded in court in the name of every Christian.

Christianophobia on the rise across Europe

Most acts of Christianophobia in Europe can be put in the category of discrimination rather than physical extermination (for now).