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Bishops get death threats for criticising Downing Street adviser

Some of the Church of England’s most senior bishops have reported receiving hate mail and death threats

The faithful can return to the Shrine of Fatima

The Shrine of Fatima has been closed since the 14th of March for sanitary reasons related to the pandemic.

Fifty-five tombs damaged in a Catholic cemetery in France

Fifty-five tombs were damaged in the cemetery of Gujan Metras, in the department of Gironde, on Thursday, the 21st of May.

Publishers encourage people to support Christian bookshops to save them

Christian bookshops are facing survival problems due to the lockdown as people buy from bigger chains

The Diocese of Bordeaux calls for Catholics to donate money for Muslims

Daniel Ambry is a representative of the Islamic-Christian Friendship Group in Bordeaux.

Contrary to canon law, a woman will act as an episcopal vicar in Switzerland

As this decision goes against the Code of Canon Law, the local Bishop used a legal manoeuvre to bypass the legislation

Italians do not just want online religious practices as they miss the community

Italian Christians miss their community but hope that the Church will come out of this crisis enriched spiritually.

French journalist faces harassment for criticising Islam

Eric Zemmour's biggest alleged "crime" is to ignore political correctness when talking about minority groups such as Muslims.

French restrictions on the Church have violated the principle of proportionality

It is not yet clear how many people will gain access to Mass and other religious ceremonies because of the restrictions.

Church using 'Minecraft to make Bible come alive in virtual youth group meetings

A Leicester church is using video games in their virtual youth group sessions during lockdown as a way to connect with teenagers