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Statue depicting Saint Anthony vandalised in Belgium

As BLM protests spread all over the West, several historical statues have been vandalised in Belgium in the last weeks.

Church of England urges government to allow singing to return to church

Normal services are not expected to resume until at least the 4th of July or later.

Another church has been set on fire in France: this time in Rennes

Police investigating the reason for the fire have revealed that it was started maliciously.

More than half of students do not speak German at home in Vienna

In Vienna, as early as 2014, the percentage of Muslim children in high schools was higher than that of Catholic children.

Bishop asks why abortions in England and Wales have reached record levels

The highest number of abortions ever was recorded with 207,384 abortions, - an increase of 6,776 since 2018.

Racist slogans targeting Whites and Jews shouted during BLM protests in Paris

Some of the boutiques that remained open were pillaged and looted by aggressive demonstrators.

In Italy, new book suggests changes to Catholic doctrine on homosexuality

The intention of the book is to propose a change in Christian anthropology.

Attacks on Christians skyrocketing in Spain

Attacks on religious freedom have been growing continuously since 2014 when the OLRC began collecting data. 

Robert Baden-Powell statue to be removed in Poole

Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole (BCP) Council said it was removing the statue of Robert Baden-Powell "for its protection"

Church in Lesvos attacked with stones by illegal immigrants - again

Local: “something very bad and dangerous has been going on for 4 months in the area. It looks organised and directed.”