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Churches Vandalized in Istanbul on New Years Day

Unknown assailants vandalized three churches in Turkey on New Year’s Day.

Anti-Christian hate crimes in Europe rose 70% between in one year, says watchdog

While hate crimes have a higher frequency in France and Germany, they tend to be more severe in Spain and France.

58 crimes committed against churches in an English town so far this year

Fifty-eight crimes have been committed at churches in Cumbria in the 12 months to August.

Finnish bishop faces prosecution over Christian values

The Rev. Juhana Pohjola is falling victim to a similar censorship which many Christians experience nowadays throughout the West.

Catholic Church grows in Asia and Africa while declining in Europe

The census put the number of lay missionaries in the world at 410,440, with an overall increase of 34,252.

Why do we need classical European culture? A Polish point of view

Classical European culture is under attack. Here is why we should stand in its defence.

Flickering billboards on the Cathedral of Milan

There are two enormous billboards hanging in front of the Milan Cathedral, hiding two of the sidewalls of the Gothic church.