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Swedish police confirmed that arson of village church was deliberate

This is not the first church burned down in the local area.

Fire attempts carried out on a chapel and other institutions in Switzerland

Between December 2020 and May 2021, many fire attacks have been carried out by minors on the Montbal Chapel in Switzerland.

Drunk man aspired to set Christian church on fire with faithful inside in France

One of the faithful intervened and tried to convince the man to renounce his plan.

Rwandan man kills the priest who sheltered him in France

The murderer was under police supervision after an arson attack in July 2020.

Catholic priest attacked with glass bottles at a cathedral in Scotland

A Catholic priest escaped without injury after he was attacked by a man with a glass bottle as he prayed at a church in Scotland.

Father Pierluigi Maccalli visits Fatima to “thank Mary” for his release

On the first Sunday of August Father Pierluigi Maccalli visited the shrine of Fatima in Portugal.

'A Nation campaigning for persecuted Christians" - Tristan Azbej to ICC

As a "proud Christian nation", Hungary specialised in helping Christian communities.

Polish volleyball representative at Tokyo 2020 talks about his faith in God

One of the pillars of the Polish Tokyo Olympics volleyball team speaks about his Christian faith.

Abortion laws in most European countries are more pro-life than in the US

The study’s conclusion is that US abortion law is typically more liberal than that of European countries.