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Photo: Christian man saying goodbye to his family after being falsely condemned to death in Pakistan

He was sentenced because he asked an Islamic scholar to pay for the reparation of his bicycle.

Indian pastor arrested on false accusation

The pastor was falsely accused of forcefully converting Hindus.

Christian missionary arrested in Pakistan

The woman was arrested along with her young children in the middle of the night.

Young Christian man falsely accused and arrested in Pakistan

Christian man named Pervaiz Masih was arrested after he was falsely accused of blasphemy.

Indian pastor arrested after false forced conversion accusations

A small house church in India’s Chhattisgarh state was attacked and disrupted by a mob of radical Hindu nationalists.

Pakistani authorities block press conference regarding blasphemy accusations

Christian leaders in Pakistan were blocked a press conference regarding the arrest of two Christian nurses on blasphemy charges.

Indian nun released on bail, after false accusation of conversations

Sister Baghya, a principal at a Christian high school, was falsely accused of attempting to forcefully convert a Hindu teacher.

Pastor spends two weeks in jail after false accusation of personal enrichment

It is common for pastors in Cuba to work alongside their pastoral charge, as the income of parishioners is insufficient.