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Historic church devastated by fire in Florida

Lee County Sheriff Daniel Simon also attended services at the church and is struggling to come to grips with what happened.

The official cause of the recent fire in a Kiev church is a short circuit

The organ and the interior of the "Pearl of Kiev" were damaged.

German Catholic priest finds remains of an arson in his church

Church fires are becoming dangerously common across Western Europe

Palm tree set on fire in front of a church in Italy

The police are investigating the case.

Pastor who called police "Nazis" claims arsonists set his garage on fire

Pastor Pawlowski posted a video footage of firefighters working to extinguish the flames on YouTube

Filipino Jesuits rescued thirty newborns from a burning hospital

Regardless of their own safety and with zero visibility, they pulled out babies left in thick smoke.

The church of Attawapiskat (Ontario) was destroyed by fire

Ontario is a territory where Catholic churches are regularly closed and sold due to the decline in the number of faithful.

A major fire ravages the Church of Listuguj in New Brunswick

Police said the fire started at the back of the building, on the river side. The cause of the fire, however, is still unknown.

A church was burned to the ground in a French town

The damage is estimated to be over one million euros (1,2 million USD)