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An adolescent tried to set a church on fire in France

On the 28th of January, a fourteen-year-old adolescent tried to set a Catholic church on fire in San Malo, western France.

Armed men have been reported in a French church

On the 10th of February, a member of the faithful reported the presence of three armed men in a church in Orvault, France.

Man threatens the faithful with death during a Mass in France

The individual was arrested and taken to custody.

Unknown individuals endeavour to set fire to a French church

Some damage was caused but firefighters were able to quench the blaze

French Senate rejected "in vitro for all" bill

The proposed bill caused a wave of protests across the country.

People all around France protest against new bioethical law

The bill would allow ART (assisted reproductive technology) without a medical reason, and abortion until the ninth month.

Two churches tagged with swastikas in France

In January, two churches and a town hall were tagged with swastikas in the department of Seine-et-Marne, France.

Twenty-five tombs were vandalised in a Christian cemetery in France

On the 18th of January, local citizens found the cemetery of Saint-Jean d’Assé, in Sarthe, France vandalised.

Statue of the Virgin Mary to be moved behind a school in France

According to the school leaders, it is necessary to respect the laicity law of 1905.