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A statue of the Virgin Mary decapitated in France

The statue was erected after the Second World War, in 1950.

Another church has been set on fire in France: this time in Rennes

Police investigating the reason for the fire have revealed that it was started maliciously.

Racist slogans targeting Whites and Jews shouted during BLM protests in Paris

Some of the boutiques that remained open were pillaged and looted by aggressive demonstrators.

A church has been vandalised in northeastern France

Churches in France are being vandalised on a weekly basis.

A cemetery was vandalised in southern France

French authorities are failing to prevent acts of vandalism targeting places of worship.

The series of vandalised churches continues in France

The tabernacle was ripped open; hosts were thrown against the walls and on to the ground.

Another church has been vandalised in France

French churches and other Christian symbols are being targeted by vandals on a weekly basis in France.

Fifty-five tombs damaged in a Catholic cemetery in France

Fifty-five tombs were damaged in the cemetery of Gujan Metras, in the department of Gironde, on Thursday, the 21st of May.

The Diocese of Bordeaux calls for Catholics to donate money for Muslims

Daniel Ambry is a representative of the Islamic-Christian Friendship Group in Bordeaux.

French journalist faces harassment for criticising Islam

Eric Zemmour's biggest alleged "crime" is to ignore political correctness when talking about minority groups such as Muslims.