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Protests against the extendion of the period of legal abortion in France

banners were carried with the slogans "Stop pissing off embryos" and "Life is a right, not a choice".

French private TV channel got interested in the phenomenon of "Christianophobia"

The wave of anti-Christian attacks has intesified since the beginning of the year across France.

France faces series of church desecrations since the beginning of the year

Given the cases of the theft of the Blessed Sacrament, the perpetrators can be suspected of satanic motivations.

The situation of persecuted Christians in France

Christians in France fall victim to several kinds of discrimination which are too often being ignored by mainstream media

Catholics face death threats and insults during procession in France

The Catholics were threatened with phrases like "I swear by the Quran, I will cut your throats".

Anti-Christian hate crimes in Europe rose 70% between in one year, says watchdog

While hate crimes have a higher frequency in France and Germany, they tend to be more severe in Spain and France.

Arson in French church follows series of attacks

The police arrested a 36-year-old suspect during the night as he was trying to flee.

Statue of the Virgin Mary vandalised and replaced by a garden gnomo

The Mayor of Le Pian-sur-Garonne was also very upset by the action, the police are investigating.