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France: the Archbishop of Paris will pray in the Notre Dame Cathedral

The Archbishop is to be accompanied by only a few people, in accordance with strict security regulations.

France: a church in Brest is vandalised and robbed

Church robberies and anti-Christian vandalism continue all around France despite the national lockdown.

Famous French pro-life activist Xavier Dor dies from coronavirus aged 91

Dr. Xavier Dor was sentenced eleven times by French courts for his pro-life activities.

French Evangelists targeted by hate speech for allegedly spreading coronavirus

Some of the hateful messages included death threats directed at this Christian community.

France: Which pandemic? Abortion matters!

French Health Minister Olivier Véran is worried about access to abortion while France fails to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic.

France: two churches graffitied in Loire-Atlantique region in just three days

The lockdown imposed on the French population doesn't seem to discourage church vandals in times of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Nearly 2000 people gather online to pray for Christian martyrs

"The time of lockdown gives us the opportunity to experience the benefit of spiritual communion," said French Archbishop Rougé.

France: in times of an epidemic, the Left wants to facilitate access to abortion

In the French parliament, attempts have even been made to extend the legal deadline for the killing of unborn babies.

Kidnapped French, Iraqi aid workers released after 2 months

The three French citizens and one Iraqi worked for SOS Chretiens d'Orient, which helps persecuted Christians in the region.

France: church robbery goes on despite lockdown

While France is still fighting with the spread of the coronavirus, several churches have been robbed.