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Notre Dame Cathedral to be transformed into an "LGBT research center"?

Trans-activists want to rename the Cathedral "Our Lady of the Survivors of Child Crime."

French priest discovered an armed man in his church in Paris

The 28-year-old suspect was found with a loaded gun and had already been known for other offences.

Armed man arrested near a church in Paris

The man was already known for minor law infringements.

Arson at a Protestant temple in Northern France

The firefighters managed to contain the flames.

Evangelical church attacked in Marseille, France

The Vie et Lumière (Life and Light) evangelical church in Marseille, France was recently vandalised.

Anti-Christian tags on a church in Poitiers, France

The local authorities are showing indifference and do not intend to remove them.

A man was arrested after urinating in the Church of the Sacred Heart in Agen

On Sunday, the 15th of August, a man was arrested in Agen, France, after urinating in the Church of the Sacred Heart.

Catholic priest brutally muredered in France

There are no reports about what will happen with the culprit from now on.

Pope Francis received threatening letter containing bullets

The letter containing three bullets was discovered by postal employees at a mail sorting facility near Milan on the 9th of August.