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Court ordered the dismantling of a Way of the Cross in a French village

The renovation of the Way of the Cross was criticised as "clerical propaganda" by anti-Christian activists.

Court ordered the destruction of a Calvary scene in France

The 1905 law that separates church and state "prohibits the erection of religious signs or emblems in public places".

Memorial commemorating Armenian genocide vandalised in France

The mayor of the town of Décines reported that the French army would protect the monument from now on.

French authorities want punishments for Catholics praying in front of churches

The Ministry of the Interior announced that believers who meet in front of churches will be fined.

After the attacks in France, African terror groups incite Muslims to terrorism

AQIM: “Killing the one who insults the prophet is the right of every Muslim capable of doing it.”

French Christians protest against the ban on liturgy

In the coming days, such prayer protests will be held in many French cities. 

Pakistan: Christians condemn offenses against religions

Pakistani Cardinal invites people to live in peace with other religions.

Let us pray for the healing of the editor-in-chief of the Christianophobie site

Daniel Hamiche, the editor-in-chief of Observatoire de la Christianophobie is being treated in hospital.

Egyptian president Sisi spoke about religious freedom limitations

Tensions are on the rise in the Middle East after the publication of a caricature of the prophet Mohammed in the French press

Greek Orthodox priest shot by suspected Islamic radical

Previously, in 2016, a Catholic priest, Father Jacques Hamel, was killed in Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray by two Islamist radicals.