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Armed men have been reported in a French church

On the 10th of February, a member of the faithful reported the presence of three armed men in a church in Orvault, France.

Man threatens the faithful with death during a Mass in France

The individual was arrested and taken to custody.

Unknown individuals endeavour to set fire to a French church

Some damage was caused but firefighters were able to quench the blaze

French Senate rejected "in vitro for all" bill

The proposed bill caused a wave of protests across the country.

People all around France protest against new bioethical law

The bill would allow ART (assisted reproductive technology) without a medical reason, and abortion until the ninth month.

Two churches tagged with swastikas in France

In January, two churches and a town hall were tagged with swastikas in the department of Seine-et-Marne, France.

Twenty-five tombs were vandalised in a Christian cemetery in France

On the 18th of January, local citizens found the cemetery of Saint-Jean d’Assé, in Sarthe, France vandalised.

Statue of the Virgin Mary to be moved behind a school in France

According to the school leaders, it is necessary to respect the laicity law of 1905.

"Psychosocial suffering" will allow abortion up to the ninth month in France

The second reading of the Bioethics Act began today in a special committee of the French Senate.