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Far-left activists attacked a Catholic procession in Paris

French Catholics have been subjected to persecution since the eighteenth century.

French cemetery vandalised five times in ten days

The local authorities decided to temporarily close the cemetery until further notice.

Fifteen bronze statues stolen from French cemetery

All the statues weigh at least fifty kilos and some of them are almost one meter high.

Less churches and more mosques: the crisis of Christianity in France

At least two Catholic churches or monuments are the subjects of theft or profanation on a daily basis.

A statue of Jesus stolen from a French church

The statue was carved in the seventeenth century and was classified as a historical monument in the twentieth century.

Janine Coponet who witnesses the murder of Father Hammel died aged 91.

Janine Coponet, a witness of the murder of Jacques Hamel, passed away on the 19th of April aged 91.

Crucifixes smashed in a cemetery in eastern France

Twenty graves were vandalised during the weekend of the 16th and the 17th of April in the Landon cemetery, eastern France.

Bust of St. John Paul II vandalised in Paris

The bust is located at the entrance of the church, which is the oldest and largest Polish Catholic parish in the city.

Secular France doesn't take enough care about it's historic churches

In France, all churches built before 1905 are public property for the use of diocesan associations.

A church was smeared with satanist slogans in France

The parish announced that it was filing a complaint and the mayor of Toulouse condemned this act of vandalism.