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French basilica robbed and clergy personal threatened with death

The homeless man shouted that he would "come back and kill them all"

Another arson reported in French church

The incident occurred on the 25th of July.

Drunk man aspired to set Christian church on fire with faithful inside in France

One of the faithful intervened and tried to convince the man to renounce his plan.

Repeated arson attacks against French church

The church is under surveillance and the police are investigating.

Relic of Saint Romain stolen from French church

The parish and the church safeguard association have lodged a complaint.

Rwandan man kills the priest who sheltered him in France

The murderer was under police supervision after an arson attack in July 2020.

Court rules in favor of employee fired over deeply held beliefs

The case can still be appealed and is waiting for a final decision from the Court of Appeal.

Catholic demonstrators attacked far-left radicals in the French city of Nantes

It is yet another example of French Catholics being physically targeted by leftist vandals.

Satanic murder reported in Southern France

The killer was shot dead by the police.

The sacristan of the Notre Dame Basilica of Nice was threatened by a burglar

While escaping, the burglar threatened to return and kill everyone.