Tag: Freedom of Conscience

British Catholic priest subjected to dicsrimination by University for his views

Nottingham University agreed to allow David Palmer offer Mass on campus on Sunday's as a "guest priest".

Montana passes legal safeguards for religious freedom

Montana is the 22nd US state to pass a religious freedom restoration act in the past thirty years.

San Francisco to name street after first Black firefighter, a Catholic convert

San Francisco’s first Black firefighter's faith helped him endure years of racial abuse within the within the department

The U.S. protects doctor's right to refuse abortion or "sex change"

U.S. bishops emphasise that ethical considerations should always be taken into account when it comes to legal procedures.

Myanmar artists face blasphemy charges for Covid-19 mural

They were arrested for portraying a Grim Reaper figure spreading the coronavirus, which looked like a Buddhist monk.

Kazakhstan: Courts order the destruction of 196 Christian publications

Kazakhstan restricts freedom of religion and belief, along with related freedoms of expression, association, and assembly.

UN report on gender equality attacks religious freedom, says Vatican official

“The report is an attack on freedom of religion or belief as well as freedom of conscience,” said Archbishop Ivan Jurkovic.

Life defenders and unborn babies under high pressure in Belgium

If the new law is voted, it will be another muzzle restricting freedom of speech to opponents of abortion.