Tag: Freedom of Religion

Catholic Mass taken off the airwaves in Belarus

The Sunday morning Mass was broadcast by the largest nationwide radio channel in the country.

Is the Nigerian Church in the hands of the Islamic government?

Nigerian President Buhari started the procedure of implementing strict control over non-governmental organisations.

Convention promotes rights of religious minorities in Pakistan

Participants of the convention agreed that “religious intolerance is institutionalised in Pakistan".

Algeria continues to restrict religious freedom

As many as seventeen Christian churches were forcibly closed in 2019, sometimes violently by the military.

Los Angeles mayor threatens to shut off electricity to churches that meet

“I have never seen such outrageous attacks on religious liberty,” commented Attorney and Liberty Counsel founder Mat Staver.

Satanic Temple declares abortion "a spiritually comforting religious ritual"

The Satanic Temple is known for taking legal action against state regulations on abortion.

Christianity and Islam to be removed locally from school curriculum in India

The proposal would drop certain chapters from social science textbooks to trim the 2020-21 curriculum for Grades 1 to 10 students.

Report finds hate crimes rising against Indian Christians despite lockdown

Persecution Relief said it had documented 293 incidents between January and June, including six cases of murder and five of rape.

Syria announces plans for replica Hagia Sophia

Although a seemingly pro-Christian decision from both Syria and Russia, this announcement is laced with geopolitical motives.

Religious minority rights in Pakistan recognised only on paper

Pakistani religious minorities continue to be discriminated against in terms of political representation, equality, and education.