Tag: Freedom of Religion

Woman testifies about brutality of Islamic extremism in Nigeria

"Religious leaders [...] say I am too educated and I am too outspoken, which I shouldn't be," she exlains.

"Solidarity in Freedom" is theme of USCCB Religious Freedom Week

Each day of the week focuses on different religious liberty topics of concern for the U.S. Catholic Church.

California churches celebrate win for religious liberty

The cases against the measures were filed by the Thomas More Society, a nonprofit law firm defending religious freedom.

5,500 candidates apply for Croatian scholarships for young persecuted Christians

It is estimated that 67% of the world population, live in countries where there are serious restrictions on religious freedom.

Six children taken away from parents for placing them in Catholic schools

The children have been placed in different families and are not allowed to continue in their Catholic boarding.

Trust Fund CEO fired over rented space fort traditional church

Robertson Trusts Chairwoman Shonaig Macpherson is accused of having shammed and humiliated the organisation's CEO.

Congressional Commission highlights persecution in Nigeria

ICC’s analysis shows that the majority of civilian and government deaths in 2020 happened at the hands of Fulani militants.

The EU appoints special envoy for freedom of religion or belief

Persecution of religious minority groups worldwide is one of the leading drivers of humanitarian need.

Holy Mass gets back to normality in New-York

The number of people infected with the coronavirus in the state is rapidly declining.

German court upholds ban on prayer vigils near abortion organisation

Censorship of pro-life organisations is on the rise across Europe, from banned speech zones to college campuses.