Tag: Freedom of Religion

Court rejects churches’ lawsuit against Illinois worship restrictions

Although many U.S. churches closed due to the pandemic, some congregations continued to hold in-person services.

Haryana State in India to implement Religious Conversion Bill

This is the 9th state to pass this law to the legislative assembly, empowering Hindu radicals to attack and intimidate Christians

Religious persecution is engulfing the world

Believers in many countries face severe challenges, according to the State Department’s Report on International Religious Freedom.

U.S. government condemns persecution of Catholic Church in Nicaragua

According to USCIRF commissioner James W. Carr, the threats against religious freedom in Nicaragua “remain troubling”.

Tristan Azbej acknowledges Trump's efforts to advance religious freedom

"The U.S. can continue to count on Hungary in the global fight for religious freedom," assures the Hungarian State Secretary.

UK government disregards believers with new sanitary regulations

It will still not be possible to celebrate public liturgies or go to church for private prayer.

Trump signs order allocating $50M for international religious freedom programmes

On Monday evening, Trump visited the historic St. John’s Church, which was burned by rioters.

Maryland churches can hold Mass but... without Holy Communion!

The new rules for the celebration of the Holy Mass say that singing is "allowed but not recommended."

Chicago threatens to temporarily close churches that defy gathering restrictions

A Chicago pastor even compared city officials to "Soviet styled KGB" agents.

Life comes back to normal but restrictions against Catholics are escalating

The dissolution of a famous pilgrimage in Poland raises questions about freedom of religion in this Catholic country.