Tag: Freedom of Religion

China will stamp out several house churches considered to be "illegal"

China will launch a campaign to toughen its clampdown on five types of illegal social organisations.

Guiyang house church elder to be released after detention

Guiyang city has been a focal point for a crackdown against house churches.

Ruth Montaño: a hard-working fighter for religious freedom

Her greatest professional accomplishment was undoubtedly the passage in September 2019 of Religious Liberty Law 1161.

French Christians criticise new law on "Islamic separatism"

Many believe that the fight against Islamism will be used to limit the religious freedom of not only Muslim fundamentalists.

Scholars urge Vatican to speak out on China’s religious freedom abuses

New rules set to take effect in May 2021 violate the Sino-Vatican agreements, tightening Beijing’s power over the Church in China.

Coordinated sanctions target China amid ongoing religious freedom violations

China remains one of the countries where persecution of religious minorities is the most severe.

Pastor arrested for violating worship restrictions to be released from jail

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police and Alberta Health Services have been investigating the church.

Malta's Episcopate cancels Masses for the faithful

Parish offices will only be open for basic services and preferably by appointment only.

Toronto Cardinal demands churches be treated fairly amid restrictions

Cardinal Collins demanded that Ontario Province stop imposing stricter guidelines on houses of worship than secular entities.

Spain allows feminists marches while still restricting all forms of worship

Spanish authorities have been using the pandemic to target Christians on several occasions for a year.