Tag: Freedom of Religion

Elections in Morocco could mean progress for religious freedom

Human rights activists will be watching Morocco closely in the coming months.

New law threatens pastor’s religious freedom in Wales

The government admits that the draft plan to ban conversion therapy practices "may restrict religious freedoms"

British Catholic priest subjected to dicsrimination by University for his views

Nottingham University agreed to allow David Palmer offer Mass on campus on Sunday's as a "guest priest".

British doctor appeals court decision concerning his religious beliefs

Chrisitan Legal Centre fears for what that ruling means for Christians in modern society

Chinese authorities reward citizens for reporting “illegal religious activities”

Since 2019, local authorities around China have all offered rewards for tip-off.

Finnish MP Päivi Räsänen concerned about religious freedom in Europe

Päivi Räsänen's case shows how liberal forces try to silence followers of Christ.

German law allowing ban on religious symbols in workplace confirmed by ECJ

Thiscould mean that Christians would not be allowed to wear any Christian symbol, lika a necklace with a cross in their workplace.

Court rules in favor of employee fired over deeply held beliefs

The case can still be appealed and is waiting for a final decision from the Court of Appeal.

House church pastor and wife fined for church gathering in China

After receiving the notice of administrative punishment, Preacher Yang posted a message on social media asking for prayers.

Christian CEO fired over views on marriage wins religious discrimination case

Discrimination of Christians in their workplace remains a widespread issue in the UK.