Tag: Freedom of Religion

UK government disregards believers with new sanitary regulations

It will still not be possible to celebrate public liturgies or go to church for private prayer.

Trump signs order allocating $50M for international religious freedom programmes

On Monday evening, Trump visited the historic St. John’s Church, which was burned by rioters.

Maryland churches can hold Mass but... without Holy Communion!

The new rules for the celebration of the Holy Mass say that singing is "allowed but not recommended."

Chicago threatens to temporarily close churches that defy gathering restrictions

A Chicago pastor even compared city officials to "Soviet styled KGB" agents.

Life comes back to normal but restrictions against Catholics are escalating

The dissolution of a famous pilgrimage in Poland raises questions about freedom of religion in this Catholic country.

Online protest for freedom of religion in Eritrea

Tens of thousands of Eritreans are currently detained without trial in life threatening conditions in the country.

President Trump warns of broken America if churches aren’t reopened

The American President considers that it is now time to move on and relax the restrictions imposed on church gatherings.

YouTube restored John Piper’s ‘Coronavirus and Christ’ audiobook

The coronavirus pandemic facilitated the censorship of Christian materials on the internet.

French restrictions on the Church have violated the principle of proportionality

It is not yet clear how many people will gain access to Mass and other religious ceremonies because of the restrictions.

Pastor faces three years in jail for defying Myanmar's stay-at-home orders

The Buddhist and ethnic Burman majoritarian military of Myanmar routinely persecutes Christians.