Tag: Freedom of Religion

A church website has been suspended for sharing views on conversion therapy

Teachings on sexual morality are progressively being crininalized.

Religious freedom severely restricted in eastern Ukraine

The State Security Ministry (SSM) secret police banned all Ukrainian Baptist Union communities.

Chinese street preacher arrested in Yunman

According to China Aid, Chen was detained six times last year alone.

Student faces attacks for reading Bible in Florida school

The boy's parents repeatedly complained to the school about the bullying of their son, but nothing was ever done to protect him.

Christians protest repression of civil society in Sri Lanka

The president of Sri Lanka ordered armed forces across the country to be on alert and quell the protests.

Polish Pastor arrested for the fifth time in Canada

The court refused him to be released on bail.

France implements new subsidy mechanism for religious associations

Several Human Rights Groups have expressed their concern or opposition to this control mechanism.

Nigerian Christians face continued persecution from state governments

Human rights groups reacted with strong condemnation and the U.S. Commission on International Religio called the move “appalling.”

Armenian Christians prevented from visiting monastery by Azerbaijan authorities

Armenians fondly recall the times of baptisms, blessings and larger corporate worship at Dadivank.

Christian MP calls prosecution for tweeting Bible verse a "privilege"

Six members of U.S. Congress have condemned the prosecution as “infringements on religious freedom.”