Tag: Freedom of Religion

Next "God’s Not Dead" movie to focus on freedom of speech

The themes reflect news headlines and encourage believers to remain strong in their fight to protect their spiritual rights.

Chinese street preacher released after being held under surveillance

Chinese Communist Party (CCP) authorities held Mr. Chen for twenty days under residential surveillance at the West Lake Resort.

China imposes new ban on Christian content on social media

In addition to WeChat, many popular Christian websites have stopped updates for good

Montana passes legal safeguards for religious freedom

Montana is the 22nd US state to pass a religious freedom restoration act in the past thirty years.

China tightens border control with Myanmar to prevent “religious infiltration”

The Chinese regime considers religious minorities as a threat to the communist system.

Hundreds Church of the Almighty God members arrested in China

In another unified operation in April, at least one hundred CAG members were arrested.

Azerbaijan doubles down on religious freedom

According to lawyer Subhan Hasanli, the new regulations "amount to the installation of a new, state-centred religion.”

82% of Americans say religious freedom is key to "healthy American society"

Half of the respondents say churches and faith-based organisations shouldn't be required to hire people who oppose their beliefs

Woman testifies about brutality of Islamic extremism in Nigeria

"Religious leaders [...] say I am too educated and I am too outspoken, which I shouldn't be," she exlains.

"Solidarity in Freedom" is theme of USCCB Religious Freedom Week

Each day of the week focuses on different religious liberty topics of concern for the U.S. Catholic Church.