Tag: Freedom of speech

The City Council of Leeds accused a street preacher of "hate speech"

The man claimed his preachings to be "thoroughly Biblical and in line with mainstream historic Christian doctrine."

A Scottish politician was disciplined by his party boss for pro-life stance

He was accused of causing women “great distress” for his remarks on abortion and buffer zones outside clinics.

Nigerian journalist to stand trial after reporting on Christian persecution

The trial represents an attempt to silence journalists who speak out about attacks on Christians in Nigeria.

"Persecuted Christians get no headlines", says Swedish historian Dick Harrison

"Historically, religious freedom is a more radical concept than most Swedes realize," he writes.

Christian factory worker fired for wearing cross necklace awarded $26K

Similarly, a British Airways employee, won a landmark legal battle at the European Court of Human Rights to wear a cross at work.

A report reveals that intolerance of Christians' views leads to self-censorship

Many Christians interviewed as part of the study did not realize they were self-censoring.

A manufacturing employee has been fired for voicing concern over LGBT promotion

Arconic's "diversity policy" proclaims to have "zero tolerance" for discrimination"

US Supreme Court rules Boston must allow Christian flag to fly outside city hall

The government had allowed a homosexual 'pride' flag and the flags of other countries to be flown, but not a Christian flag.

A renown Christian website has been closed down in China

The closure of Jona Home reflects how the Chinese authorities clamp down on Christianity.

The radio station which shares the Gospel in North Korea

FNKR is a powerful ministry ranked #1 among radio stations in North Korea for the quality of news and hope-giving messages.