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Church elder killed and three people abducted in Fulani attack in Nigeria

The murdered Pastor had been serving in the church for over thirty-five years.

Fulani kidnapped three Christians in Nigeria and murdered another

In the early hours of the 16th of February, Fulani herdsmen shot and killed 65-year-old Mati Sani, and abducted three Christians

Four more Christians killed by Fulani herdsmen in Nigeria

Fulani herdsmen surpassed Boko Haram as the greatest threat to Nigerian Christians.

Fulani herdsmen killed six people in Nigerian Ogun State

Fulanis are the deadliest terror group worldwide and have surpassed Boko Haram as the greatest threat to Nigerian Christians.

Suspected Fulani herdsmen murder three people in Benue State

Fulani attacks continue to take place on a regular basis in Nigeria, putting the local civilians under constant pressure.

Over thirty-four thousand Christians hacked to death in Nigeria since 2009

Since 2009, 34,400 Christians have been murdered by radical Islamists, with 2,200 slain in the last year.

Christian lawyer hides after receiving death threats in Nigeria

Islamist militias in Nigeria murdered an estimated 1,202 Christians between January and June of this year.

Nigeria has been re-designated as "country of particular concern" by the U.S.

Nigeria was first designated as a CPC in 2019 by the state department due to its treatment of a Shi’a leader, Ibrahim Zakzaky

Fulani herdsmen kill seven Christians in Nigerian Kaduna State

Not only were these seven killed, but it is believed that two children were kidnapped and four other people were injured.

Fulani herdsmen seize Christian villages in Nigerian Kaduna State

Fulani herdsmen also ambushed two Christians on a motorcycle on the Buruku-Damba-Kasaya road on the 29th of October.