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There were 3,462 Christians murdered over the last six months in Nigeria

This year, up until the 18th of July, 3,462 Christians have been murdered by extremists in Nigeria.

Fulani herdsmen continue destroying Christian farming villages in Nigeria

More than eleven thousand people were displaced from sixteen different villages last week in Nigeria’s Plateau State.

Children ‘butchered to death’ by Fulani herders in attacks on Christian villages

In one attack last Sunday, suspected armed jihadist herdsmen "butchered to death" 14 Christians, including children.

Thirty-seven Christians massacred in Nigeria

Suspected Fulani herdsmen killed twenty-two Christians during two separate village attacks in Plateau State, Nigeria, on Sunday.

Young Christian Mother Killed in Central Nigeria

Fulani herdsmen killed the wife and nephew of a Christian in Plateau state, Nigeria in an attack on their home on May 20th.

Four people killed, one kidnapped by Fulani in Benu State, Nigeria

Two men ran and escaped narrowly while 35-year-old Terhemba Shishim was killed by the attackers.

Fulani killed around two thousand five hundred people in four years in Nigeria

Between 2017 and 2020, Fulani herdsmen carried out 654 terror attacks, leaving more than 2,539 dead, among them many Christians.

Three students escape Fulani militants after attack on Christian missions school

The herdsmen broke into the rear fence at the school to enter the compound and abduct the students.

Seven people killed in suspected Fulani attack in Nigeria

At least seven civilians were killed, and many others seriously injured earlier this week when suspected Fulani Herdsmen attacked.