Tag: gender ideology

Kellogg's introduces LGBT cereal encouraging people to chose their pronouns

Kellogg’s new cereal received backlash from conservative Christian groups.

California bill targets university healthcare links to Catholic hospitals

The local bill would enforce legislation that goes against Catholic ethics.

Amazon withdraws books critical of LGBT and gender ideology

Censorship by social media giants and big companies is something that ceases to surprise.

Canadian father jailed after publicly objecting to minor daughter taking hormone

Robert Hoogland was arrested Tuesday after a warrant was issued by a judge.

Hasbro launching gender-neutral Potato Head families

The Hasbro toy company created a gender-neutral Potato Head, to introduce two to three-year-old children into the LGBTQ world.

Amazon removed a best-selling book about sex-change

Now the book can be purchased directly from the publisher Encounter Books.

Website recently launched to offer Christian response to gender ideology

Its mission is "promoting the Catholic vision of the human person and responding to the challenges of gender ideology."

Midwives ordered to replace words with 'trans-friendly' terms

Policy advises replacing 'father' with 'second biological parent', 'mother,' 'breastfeeding'

Psychotherapist banned from studying trans regret

The psychotherapist appeals to European human rights court.

Religious student faces disciplinary hearing for skipping school sex-ed program

The students lawyers said the program: violates the student' religious beliefs.