Tag: gender ideology

Religious student faces disciplinary hearing for skipping school sex-ed program

The students lawyers said the program: violates the student' religious beliefs.

BBC removes video that teaches children there are over 100 genders

The decision came after the backlash from parents.

Parents erect 3rd billboard warning against trans medicalization of kids

The billboard is located near a children's hospital in Los Angeles that is home to a large transgender youth clinic.

A Norwegian documentary scientifically disproves gender ideology

Gender theoreticians admit that they do not care about the scientific researches that disprove their ideology.

Donald Trump vows to overturn gender-neutral changes to Navy SEALs ethos

“I will be overturning this ridiculous order immediately!” Trump tweeted on Friday.

Black Lives Matter supports abortion, homosexuality and anti-family programmes

The leadership of the Black Lives Matter movement explicitly declares that it "is developing a queer affirmative community."

Hungary opposed to the Istanbul Convention: "We don't support gender ideology"

The declaration was adopted with 115 votes in favour, thirty-five against and three abstentions.

UN report on gender equality attacks religious freedom, says Vatican official

“The report is an attack on freedom of religion or belief as well as freedom of conscience,” said Archbishop Ivan Jurkovic.

Why is JK Rowling being denounced? Because she said 'No' to a lie

The novelist supported a tax expert who was fired for dissenting from gender orthodoxy.