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Relics of St. Corona will be displayed in German cathedral, after pandemic.

The Catholic cathedral in the city of Aachen, was already planning to display the reliquary of St. Corona before the pandemic

Germany: an evangelical church vandalised in Berlin

Police officers arrested an aggressive man who seemed particularly hostile on Tuesday afternoon.

Germany: a historic chapel vandalised in Wachtberg-Werthoven

Some hateful slogans targeting the police and the right-wing AfD party have been scrawled on the walls. 

An Evangelical church looted in Central Germany

The damage is estimated at more than € 10,000.

Communism reloaded: first Lenin statue to be erected in western Germany

The statue is due to be unveiled on 14 March to mark the 150th anniversary of the communist dictator's birth on 22 April.

German episcopate calls on homosexual priests to make their coming out

In December 2019, representatives of the German episcopate stated that homosexuality is "completely natural".

Sister Matylda Getter: the woman who saved hundreds of Jewish kids during WWII

During World War II, sister Matylda Getter undertook to accept every child brought out of the Warsaw ghetto.

German church opens its doors after terror: "We should not give in to fear!"

"We need peace, and not to be scared. God has not given us the spirit of fear, but of power, love and a sound mind."

Germany's selective fight against anti-Semitism

Why jihadi anti-Semitism does not appear in the German government's package of initiatives to combat anti-Semitism?

Witold Pilecki: the forgotten hero

Pilecki's life is that of courage and bravery beyond measure.