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Catholic memorial vandalised by far-left extremists in Austria

The plaque at the memorial for the victims and resistance fighters from the rank of the ÖCV was smeared with anarchist symbols.

Severe vandalism and arson of a church in Germany

The local police have begun an investigation.

German man runs for the persecuted Christians

Up until the end of last year, he had completed 997 kilometres and recruited twenty sponsors.

Lutheran church vandalised with stones and paint in Germany

The portal image was damaged with bags of paint and windows were smashed with stones.

Catholics and Evangelicals speak up against euthanasia in Germany

A member of the German Ethics Council demanded that the process be clearly opposed and suspended.

The statue of the Nutmeg king in the Lutheran Church of Ulm is considered racist

The statue of the Nutmeg king is going to be removed from the nativity scene of the Lutheran Church of Ulm.

Vandals ravaged a Catholic church in Bavaria, Germany

On Monday the 8th of September, Saint-Emmaram's Catholic church was vandalised in the town of Spalt.

A Catholic priest has been beaten up during Mass in Berlin

The causes of this attack are being investigated by a special police surveillance unit.

The series of anti-Catholic acts continues in Western Europe

France remains the European country in which the rise of anti-Christian vandalism is the most significant.

German Cardinal considers Karl Marx as "a source of Catholic social teaching"

"Marx cannot be blamed for everything that was committed by his theories in the gulag of Stalin,” says the Vatican dignitary.