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Statue of Lenin erected in Germany

The city of Gelsenkirchen issued a ban on the monument, but it was cancelled by the Regional Administrative Court

A record number of Catholics left the Church in Munich

The official figures show that the secularisation of Germany is accelerating.

Berlin church hosts Muslims for prayers because of social distancing rules

The church’s pastor, Monika Matthias, was "moved" by the Muslim call to prayer.

Cardinal Müller: "Some forces want to use a pandemic to suppress the church"

"Why would going to the church be more dangerous than going to the supermarket?" wonders the German Prelate

Journalist insinuates that Auschwitz is located in Poland because of Catholicism

Confusing one of the primary victims of WWII (Poland) with the oppressor (Germany) continues, intentionally or otherwise

Card. G. Müller defends his signing of an "Appeal to the Church and the world"

Cardinal Gerhard Müller stated that instead of throwing epithets, critics "should rather undertake substantive debate."

Germany allows churches to reopen but without singing and handshakes

The German Catholic Church announced that a ban on in-person worship services would be lifted, with social distancing maintained.

German Bishops admit that their predecessors failed to oppose National Socialism

"Both in September 1939 and later, there was no open protest of German Bishops against the National Socialists," says the text.

Catholics honor the priests killed at Dachau

The Nazis established Dachau, near Munich in southern Germany, as their first concentration camp in 1933.

Japanese Catholics gratefully commemorated St. Maximilian Kolbe

In 1982, Pope John Paul II canonised Father Kolbe and declared him a martyr of charity.