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Austrian church smeread with insulting graffitis

Only the week before, the church of the Graz priest Wolfgang Pucher was affected, a Bible was even set on fire.

Anti-Catholic graffiti smeared on Spanish church

Anti-Christian activities are nowadays widespread across Spain.

A Spanish church has been smeared with insulting and pro abortion slogans

The mayor of Barcelona condemned this act of vabdalism.

Anti-Christian graffitis found on Austrian Christian's homes and workplaces

The perpetrators probably belong to a radical feminist group.

Napoli church smeared with graffiti for the second time

The Saint Marta church already fell victim to vandalism a few days ago.

French church smeared with insults towards priests

The other targeted priest is called Abbé Jean-Louis Brunel and was also targeted in Barleux, according to the news source.

French parish victim of malicious and threatening graffitis for a month

Anti-Christians vandalism has been on the rise in France for the last few years.