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Christian speaker arrested at London's Speaker's Corner

Hatun Tash is a Christian preacher who has been speaking about Christianity in a predominantly Muslim community.

Scottish law student faces disciplinary action after saying "women have vaginas"

“I thought it was a joke,” Keogh said about receiving an email that accused her of making bigoted comments. 

Northern Ireland and its extreme abortion regime

London is trying to impose the most extreme abortion regime in Europe on a reluctant population.

London pastor arrested for sermon on marriage

Christian Concern, a UK-based organisation that defends people of faith, criticised the arrest.

The pandemic of home abortions in Great Britain

An average of twenty ambulances a month are sent to women who report complications after "home abortions."

UK court rules parents can consent to puberty blockers on behalf of children

That ruling required doctors to obtain what is known as a “best interests” order from a judge to prescribe such drugs to teenagers

Scottish court ruled the recent closure of churches unconstitutional

The court found that enforcing the closure of churches violates fundamental human rights.

Scottish Evangelical church faces police investigation over worship gatherings

Hope United Church of Motherwell is being investigated for holding worship services that did not follow public health guidelines.

Christians criticise ban on communal worship in Scotland

If the claim is successful, the Scottish Government could be ordered to let churches open immediately.

NHS director who was fired for his views on family loses appeal

Supported by the Christian Legal Centre (CLC), he has been fighting against the decisions to remove him from his position.