Tag: Great Britain

Teenagers interrupt Holy Mass and vandalise a church in Northern Ireland

Damage estimated at £1,000 caused inside church, it is claimed

English church repeatedly targeted by vandals

Church parishioners have been left upset and frustrated after it was repeatedly targeted by vandals.

A British church has been vandalised by youngsters

Vandalism against Christian places of worship is a widespread plague across Western Europe.

Evidence lacks to justify cancellation of Wilberforce Academy from Oxford

The claim that Covid protocols had been broken was strange given that the College had no Covid restrictions in September.

New UK study reveals alarming rate of coerced abortions

1 in 20 women ages 18-24 have been given abortion pills without their knowledge or consent in the UK.

A clinic course calls the Bible and Christianity "racist"

Amy Gallagher has spent more than £20,000 in her training to become a psychotherapist.

Swastikas tagged on an Anglican church in England

Many Christians in Great Britain are subjected to various forms of discrimination on a regular basis.

Nigerian nurse discriminated by UK hospital because of tiny crucifix necklace

Following the sentence, Mary Onuoha said that "she could not do her work without the cross."

The situation of persecuted Christians in the UK

Christians in the UK are often targeted for their views and beliefs. For them, freedom of speech exists mostly in theory.