Tag: Hate speech

Christian politician faces imprisonment for "hate speech" in Indonesia

Hutahaean has joined the list of other Christians recently arrested and detained for insulting Islam on social media.

The situation of persecuted Christians in the UK

Christians in the UK are often targeted for their views and beliefs. For them, freedom of speech exists mostly in theory.

According to members of Atheism Facebook group —more Christians should die

While Facebook usually removes pro-life contents, referring to incitement to hatred, these remarks were left without comment.

Key religious figures targeted by Turkish magazine

Religious minority leaders are among those involved in serious allegations, such as co-conspirators of terrorism.

A UN expert on LGBT promotion calls on governments to punish clerics

Madrigal complained about "ultra-conservative groups recovering their identity at the expense of sexual minorities."

Americans accuse Poland of "gender-based" and "racial" hatred

These accusations can hardly be taken seriously by any honest person familiar with the actual situation in Poland.