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Indian Government denies evidence of Christian persecution

Regardless of their retorts, India’s government has yet to recognize the reality of increasing persecution.

Hindu nationalists targeted Christian communities during Easter in India

Christians have been targeted for their faith across India for a long time.

Three Christians arrested following attack by Hindu nationalists

Over a hundred radical Hindu nationalists bursted into the house where six Christians were praying.

Pastor faces death threats by Hindu mob in India

The attackers even tried to hit the pastor’s daughter with an iron bar.

Christian home in burned to ash by suspected Hindu radicals in India

Across India attacks on Christians and their places of worship continue to be reported in greater number and severity.

Christian wedding ceremony ambushed in India

There has been a rise in attacks on Christians since India amended a more than three-decades-old anti-conversion law in January.

Hindu nationalists hold rally in India advocating for anti-Christian violence

Radical Hindu nationalists promote false narratives against Christians to justify religious intolerance and persecution.

Pastor suffered assault from Hindu nationalists and COVID-19 in India

The nationalists threatened to kill the Christian couple if they did not renounce their Christian faith.

Hindu nationalists killed fifty-two-year-old Chriatian man

A fifty-two-year-old Christian was shot dead in an attack on a Christian family by radical Hindu nationalists in India.