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Christian couple survives deadly attack by radicals in India

The Christian minority in India faces regular persecution.

Over 300 incidents of Christian persecution documented in India in 2021

In nine states, anti-conversion laws have been enacted to provide a legal umbrella to radicals to persecute Christians.

Church in Northern India attacked by mob of 200 Hindu radicals

Local police have registered a case against the members of the mob, but no arrests have been made so far.

Hindu nationalists hold rally in India advocating for anti-Christian violence

Radical Hindu nationalists promote false narratives against Christians to justify religious intolerance and persecution.

Homes of nine Christian families destroyed in India

Following the attack, the nine Christian families fled into the nearby jungle, where they remain displaced and living in temporary

Hindu nationalists killed fifty-two-year-old Chriatian man

A fifty-two-year-old Christian was shot dead in an attack on a Christian family by radical Hindu nationalists in India.

Hindu nationalists use forged document to discredit Christian groups in Nepal

The forged document claims that the Christian groups are seeking to create ethnic divisions in Nepal to gain converts.

Hindu nationalists injure Christians

The attack was ‘pre-planned’ on church construction site.

Hindu radicals attacked another Christian worship service in India

Twenty-eight Christians were injured; six of them were transported to hospital.

Hindu fanatics raze Protestant church in southern India

Destruction of the under-construction church shatters a decades-long dream of the Christian community.