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Police arrest four Christian and Hindu guests under false charges in pastor’s ho

“I was also hit and could not control the mob from striking the four guests visiting us.”

India: A 16-year-old Christian girl died due to Hindu extremism

The family is mourning their two daughters, but they do not even think of leaving their faith and yielding under pressure.

Hindu radicals threaten to kill a Christian family in north India

The threats started after the family refused to renounce their Christian faith.

India: Religious conversion ban threatening Christians may be expanded

According to Evangelical Fellowship of India, at least 366 violent attacks on India's Christian community were reported in 2019.

Christian teen cut into pieces by radicals in India three years after conversion

The victim’s father and his son became Christians about three years ago and have faced harassment since then. 

Three religious minority sites set ablaze in Iran

Fires have been reported at three sites belonging to religious minorities in Iran.