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Police raid house church and arrest nearly thirty members in China

Christianity is being severely persecuted in Communist China.

Police invaded house church in Central Asia

The church was operating illegally, because according to a law, Christians cannot meet without permission in this country.

Bishop of "underground church" arrested in China

Since the signing of the Provisional Agreement between the Holy See and China, persecution of Catholics has increased.

Authorities arrest preacher of house church for officiating funeral in China

Preacher Wu Wuqing, who's already been bullied by the authorities in the past, was released late in the evening.

China's persecution of Christians intensified in 2020, according to new report

Overall, the CCP authorities persecuted one hundred per cent of house churches across the country.

Christian fined nearly 3,000 USD for holding online Bible studies

Christian man in China’s Yunnan Province received a notice of administrative punishment from the local Religious Affairs Bureau