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Supporting Christian communities is a priority goal

Europe has less and less courage to profess its Christian roots

Hungary to launch $17M aid development program in Uganda

Currently there are less than 1.4 million people seeking shelter because of armed conflicts, epidemics and regional instability.

Hungary to join first new Religious Freedom Alliance from Europe

"Hungary does not accept that international organisations “turn a blind eye” to the persecution of Christian communities".

Hungary, Saudi Arabia share position on migration, terrorism

Security risks in the Middle East could give rise to new waves of migration

Burkina Faso: Islamist armed groups threatens Christians and civilians

Last year over 250 people were killed in targeted attacks.

Tristan Azbej: Hungary Helps is looking forward to 2020

2019 was the year of hope for persecuted Christians.

Five things I learned about Hungary’s commitment to persecuted Christians

"Hungary is determined to remember the past and not to let it be repeated."

There is a clear difference between Christian democracy and liberal democracy

The Christian democratic approach thinks in terms of the community: family and nation