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Hungary, Saudi Arabia share position on migration, terrorism

Security risks in the Middle East could give rise to new waves of migration

French MEP denounces a "judgment of dubious value" regarding Poland and Hungary

MEP's from France, Italy, Spain and Hungary rebelled against the EPP by voting against the EP resolution on the rule of law.

Government announced zero-tolerance policy towards anti-Semitism

"Europe’s second largest Jewish community lives in Hungary , in more peace and security actually, than anywhere else in Europe."

Hungary's foreign minister: Africa instability boosts migration

The EU must deal with instability in the Sahel region which, similarly to the situation in Libya

Liberation of Budapest’s ghetto commemorated at Dohány Street Synagogue

Róbert Frölich, the synagogue’s chief rabbi, said the tragedy of the Hungarian Jews did not begin when the first trains departed.

"Hungary’s policy on the family is highly thought of in Washington"

US Health and Human Services Secretary Azar is expected to pay a visit to Budapest in the spring.

New Hungarian family policy: Free access to infertility procedures from 2020

Instead of immigration, economic incentives are the solution for increasing national birth rates.

Nuncio to Syria is grateful for Hungarian Catholic Church's fundraising

Almost 200 thousand euros were raised in the donation campaign launched by the Hungarian Catholic Bishop's Conference.

Hungary Defending Christians and Christian values at home and abroad

Since 2010, Viktor Orbán has worked to build an old-school Christian democracy, rooted in European traditions.

Cathedral in Iraq’s largest Christian town to be rebuilt in 2020

After 2016, Masses resumed in the damaged cathedral as Christians returned to rebuild their community.