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The world’ biggest Christian channel praised the Hungary Helps Program

The world biggest Christian media network, the EWTN’ news showed the Hungary Helps Program.

Hungary Helps Program praised on the world's largest Christian TV network

The broadcast also mentioned ongoing projects in Africa and the Middle-East run by Hungary Helps

Rocket assault in Erbíl – the village is „important to us by many aspect"

Erbíl’ airport got assaulted on the evening of 15th of February. One civil American died, another four got injured, a soldier amon

Hungary launched relief work to help orphanage in Congo

Already more than three hundred Hungarian schools joined the program.

Music of praise reached the semi-finals in Hungarian national song contest

The song got into the semi-final thanks to the votes of the audience.

Viktor Orbán Praised the HHP in an interview with 'Der Stern'

Viktor Orbán is against the extension of Islam in Hungary.

Intensive brainwashing: Interview with Stanisław Gądecki, Archbishop of Poznan

According to the Archbishop, there's intensive brainwashing going on in Poland .

Hungarian leftist politicians openly attack the Christian Church

A deputy mayor resigned from his position, after sharing a hateful comment on Facebook against Christianity.

Hungary helps reconstructions after earthquake in Croatia

The Hungary Helps Program and the municipality of Székesfehérvár sent donations to Croatia, to help in the rebuilding projects.