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The five countries with the most Christian prisoners

Through prison sentences, governments prevents Christians from spreading the Gospel and discourage others confessing their faith.

Thirty-five Christians arrested during prayer meetings in Eritrea

Prison conditions are some of the harshest in the world, with inmates kept in shipping containers and believers often tortured.

Two Christians sentenced to prison and heavily fined in Algeria

The two men have appealed their conviction and sentence.

Twenty-one Christians released from prison in Eritrea

Some 171 Eritrean Christians have been freed from prison since last August.

Seventy Christians released from jail in Eritrea

Eritrean troops are participating in serious human rights violations and violence that may amount to genocide.

Eighty-three-year-old Jesuit priest is imprisoned in India

The eighty-three-year-old Indian Jesuit, Father Stan Swamy, was arrested more than one hundred days ago, on the 8th of October.

ACN calls for release of imprisoned Jesuit in India

The eighty-three-year-old Jesuit Fr. Stan Swamy has been incarcerated since the 8th of October.

Seventeen inmates have been baptised in Mississippi jail

Hundreds of well-wishers congratulated the inmates on their decision.

Iran: Christian man was almost sent back to prison, some months after his relese

Ebrahim Firouzi was accused of propaganda against the State.

Alarmingly high bail leveled against Iranian Christians

The government is demanding 3 billion tomans ($150,000) for the release of both an Armenian church leader and a Christian convert