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Six Christian women have been jailed in India

The state of Uttar Pradesh is known for the presecution its Chritians endure on a regular basis.

Additional Christians have been arrested in India

The Indian state of Uttar Pradesh has the highest number of anti-Christian persecution incidents out of any other state in India.

Christians push for change against government crackdown in Sri Lanka

Christians have taken it upon themselves to make a positive impact where the government has failed.

A Catholic school has been bombed in India

he number of bombings in the state overall has notably increased over the past months.

Indian Government denies evidence of Christian persecution

Regardless of their retorts, India’s government has yet to recognize the reality of increasing persecution.

India jails 30 Christians on charges of "forced conversion"

The police arrested the church’s pastor and filed a formal complaint against him and refused to book the assailants.

Police in India ac cused of burning down a church and threatening Christians

Hindu extremists believe that all Indians should be Hindus and that the country should be rid of Christianity and Islam.

Indian authorities urge pastors to cease their religious activities

Uttar Pradesh has seen the most significant incidents of Christian persecution over the years.

A Christian pastor in India was subjected to tortures in police custody

The injured pastor was released the following Sunday evening.

Indian pastor tortured in costudy

The injured pastor was released the following Sunday evening.