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A Christian pastor in India was subjected to tortures in police custody

The injured pastor was released the following Sunday evening.

Indian pastor tortured in costudy

The injured pastor was released the following Sunday evening.

Hindu nationalists targeted Christian communities during Easter in India

Christians have been targeted for their faith across India for a long time.

Three Christians arrested following attack by Hindu nationalists

Over a hundred radical Hindu nationalists bursted into the house where six Christians were praying.

Pastor faces death threats by Hindu mob in India

The attackers even tried to hit the pastor’s daughter with an iron bar.

Christian Pastor murdered in Central India

Christians in Chhattisgarh state have been facing severe persecution following the hate speeches of right-wing organizations.

Christian families socially boycotted in Central India

Christians are often regardes as second class citizens in this region of the world.

Christian woman became youngest mayor of Indian city

A Dalit Christian woman has become the youngest ever mayor in the history of Chennai, India’s fourth largest city.

India’s Christians fear rise in violence by Hindu extremists

Uttar Pradesh state witnessed at least 102 incidents of violence against Christians in 2021.

A pastor has been assaulted by a mob of Hindu radicals in India

If the witnesses do not reveal anything or the police continue to delay the investigation, there may be no justice for the pastor.