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Violence against Christians in India, 17 incidents in 19 days

A.C. Michael: “Year 2020 has begun well for those who like to harass the Christian community.”

India’s Christians see challenges ahead in 2020

Christians in India continued to endure an increasing number of attacks on their community in 2019

Christians in India: The new citizenship law needs to be expanded

Christian leaders met with the president of the party, J.P. Nadda together with vice presidents, Dushyant Gautam and Tom Vadak.

Church demolished by suspected radicals in Southern India

Suspects are radical Hindu nationalists in a village called Kongalnagaram, in India’s Tamil Nadu state.

Indian pastor charged with illegally practicing medicine for praying for healing

Radical Hindu nationalists often use false criminal accusations to harass and persecuted Christians in India.

Christians have to prepare for another not so 'Merry Christmas' in India

In some cases, entire programs have been cancelled due to fear that the programs will invite attacks

Pastor beat unconscious by radicals in India’s Gujarat State

They were repeating, ‘Do not come to our village either to visit or to preach – we do not want Christians to enter our village.’

More than 200 Incidents of anti-Christian violence in India so far this year

Based on report of a study of a leading religious freedom advocacy organization

Christian Home Damaged by Radicals in India

A persecuted community in a state of terror