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Church vandalized after two Christians accused of proselytizing in India

“These anti-conversion laws are tools for intimidating, mistreating, and frightening the tiny Christian community”

Police release suspect in attempted killing of pastor in India

Under pressure from an official in the ruling Hindu nationalist political party, police in Uttar Pradesh state

Hindu radicals threaten to kill a Christian family in north India

The threats started after the family refused to renounce their Christian faith.

Incidents of Christian Persecution spike as India emerges from lockdown

These incidents include physical assaults, damage to Christian properties, and threats issued by radical Hindu nationalists

India: Religious conversion ban threatening Christians may be expanded

According to Evangelical Fellowship of India, at least 366 violent attacks on India's Christian community were reported in 2019.

Hard-line Hindu relatives threaten to kill Christian’s children in Uttar Pradesh

"Last month five Hindu men intruded into our home with hockey sticks and steel rods and threatened to beat my children"

Christian man brutally murdered for his faith by radicals in India

Before his death he assured his wife to remain strong and never to give up her faith in Jesus even if they killed him.”

Haryana State in India to implement Religious Conversion Bill

This is the 9th state to pass this law to the legislative assembly, empowering Hindu radicals to attack and intimidate Christians

Peaceful rally demanding justice following Christian murder

A peaceful rally was organized to demand justice for Sombura Madkami, a 14-year-old Christian boy from Kendugunda village, India

Church in India set on fire by suspected radical Hindu nationalist

The state of Tamil Nadu is known for its sizable Christian population and it is of the most hostile state for Christians to live.