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India - consolation while helping everyone: Christians, Hindus, Muslims alike.

How Sister Christin and Small Christian Communities (SCCs) try to help people of all religions.

India’s Christian hospitals, doctors in the forefront against coronavirus

Christian hospitals have re-organized their wards, staff, and equipment to successfully cooperate with the Indian government.

Police detain Christians providing aid to the poor in Tamil Nadu, India

Picture shows a Christian family deprived of homes and food in India

India: Police arrest seven church attendees in Kerala

The fight against COVID-19 may be used as a pretext to limit religious freedom in countries where Christian persecution is growing

Church members forced to pose like Christ on the cross during beating.

Christians suffer police brutality, illegal arrests in Uttar Pradesh, India

Despite hostility and rising nationalism, the Church in India continues to grow

According to National General Secretary of the All-India Christian Council, most Hindus view Christianity as a foreign religion.

India : Christians attacked and tortured in Uttar Pradesh

The officers torturing the faithful ordered them to deny their faith in Jesus Christ.

Anti-Christian violence is on the rise in India

In 2018, the Commission for Religious Freedom recorded 325 incidents: their number therefore increased by 12.6% in 2019.

Christian family violently expelled from village in Central India

As a result, the whole family has been forced to live homeless in the nearby jungle as they struggle to survive.

Pastor in India continues ministry in the face of escalating persecution

Since announcement of Hindu nationalists, attacks on Christians and their places of worship in Uttar Pradesh have skyrocketed.