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Draft anti-conversion law approved by state government in India

Christians in Uttar Pradesh are worried that the approved draft law could push religious minorities into a more hostile situation.

People who became homeless for following God

Open Doors shared four stories of Christians who became homeless due to their religion.

Hindu radicals beat Christians up before destroying their church and house

This act of anti-Christian violence took place in the central region of Telangana.

Radical Hindus demand Indian governement to deny benefits to Christian converts

Similar demands have also been made in the states of Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh and Jharkhand.

British-era Christian cemetery falls victim to encroachers in India

Christians in Haryana seek state intervention as self-declared Anglican bishop is accused of colluding with land grabbers

Nationalists Call for Christians to be Barred from Economic Benefits in India

Christian leaders condemned this campaign saying it conflated the issues of religion and caste.

Christians in Southern India Brutally Attacked for Holding Prayer Meeting

Fifteen nationalists broke in and attacked the Christians with wooden clubs and sticks.

Cross demolished temple set up in Indian village

Meanwhile, Hindu radicals are running campaign to convert locals.

India: Christian Churches ask for the of protection of persecuted Christians

The alliance of Christian Churches ask the Indian government to protect the persecuted Christians in the country.