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Christians have to prepare for another not so 'Merry Christmas' in India

In some cases, entire programs have been cancelled due to fear that the programs will invite attacks

Pastor beat unconscious by radicals in India’s Gujarat State

They were repeating, ‘Do not come to our village either to visit or to preach – we do not want Christians to enter our village.’

More than 200 Incidents of anti-Christian violence in India so far this year

Based on report of a study of a leading religious freedom advocacy organization

Christian Home Damaged by Radicals in India

A persecuted community in a state of terror

Worshippers hold service in ashes after church burned to ground

The Maranatha Full Gospel Church, located in India’s Bihar state, was burned to the ground on Easter Sunday

Police in India File False Criminal Charges Against Three Pastors After Brutal A

Pastors complained about police inaction following an assault

Rising tensions between India and Pakistan

Christian leaders call for peace

A Christian man was beheaded for his faith in Orissa, India

AsiaNews reported that a Christian evangelical man was beheaded in Orissa because of his faith.