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Twenty-three forced conversion cases in twenty-three days in India

Twenty-three cases were registered under India’s newest and strictest anti-conversion law in its first twenty-three days.

Christian families displaced after refusing to renounce their faith in India

For years there were no objections to the families’ new found faith.

Pregnant Christian Woman Loses Baby after Hindu Extremist Attack

Hospitals refuse to treat young mother-to-be.

India’s national government rules out national anti-conversion law

Local police often overlook violence perpetrated against Christians due to false accusations of forced conversion.

Hindu radicals attacked another Christian worship service in India

Twenty-eight Christians were injured; six of them were transported to hospital.

Hindu nationalists escalate anti-Christian campaign in Central India

 According to UCAN, Christians account for some four per cent of the district’s population.

Hindu Nationalists Escalate Anti-Christian Campaign in Central India

According to UCAN, radical Hindu nationalists have stepped up an anti-Christian campaign in India’s Madhya Pradesh state.

Hindu extremists attacked a worship service in India

A Christian worship service was brutally attacked by Hindu extremists earlier this month in India’s Uttar Pradesh State.

Hindu nationalist flag planted on shuttered church in southern India

On the 17th of January, a saffron flag, a symbol of Hindu nationalism, was planted on a church in southern India.

Eighty-three-year-old Jesuit priest is imprisoned in India

The eighty-three-year-old Indian Jesuit, Father Stan Swamy, was arrested more than one hundred days ago, on the 8th of October.