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Regional tensions lead to the murder of a pastor in West Papua

Rev. Yeremia Zanambani was known across Indonesia for his servant’s heart and translating the Bible into Papua’s Moni dialect.

Indonesian Catholic prosecuted for the second time for blasphemy

Apollinaris Darmawan, who lives in Bandung, West Java, allegedly made insulting comments on Twitter towards Islam.

Christians in India’s Haryana state concerned by potential anti-conversion law

Haryana could be the ninth Indian state to adopt a Freedom of Religion Act, more commonly referred to as an anti-conversion law.

Indonesia’s religious freedom still has room for improvement

In the latest report from USCIRF the Muslim country's poor implementation of religious freedom and belief was highlighted.

Equality before the law merely a slogan for Indonesian Christians

A situation like this often occurs in Indonesia. The victims are asked to ‘reconcile’ with the offenders if they are Christians.

Brazil will present a documentary series about persecuted Christians

"Faces of the persecution" (Faces da Perseguição) will be a weekly series that presents the life of persecuted Christians

Two years after Surabaya bombings, religious radicalism still grows in Indonesia

After two years, the question still lingers, why is it so easy to lure women and even children to become bombers?

Terrorists in Indonesia called to exploit the pandemic

some terrorist groups did seize COVID-19 to secretly recruit and train their militants

Malaysia and Indonesia added to USCIRF special watch list

Christians are threatened constantly and reported that they feel increasing strain and social hostility.

Local police complicit in obstructing an Indonesian church’s construction

Indonesian security officials sometimes obstruct religious freedom for Christians through Building Permit (IMB) disputes.