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Christianity grows by nearly one per cent in Muslim-majority Indonesia

Among Indonesia's population, 236.53 million (86.88%) identify as Muslim.

Indonesian Christian beaten up in prison

A Christian man was beaten up by his Muslim co-detainees because of his 'blasphemy'.

Christian YouTuber beaten in jail by... Napoleon Bonaparte

Christians make up merely one per cent of the total population of Indonesia.

Indonesian police shot dead most wanted IS-linked terrorist

Last November, four Christian villagers were killed while their houses and church were torched in Sigi regency.

Indonesian woman forgives teenage terrorists who murdered her sons

The mother forgave the suicide bombers who, according to her, erre also victims of their father's extremism.

Christian Youtuber in Indonesia arrested for blasphemy

The case highlights Indonesia’s abusive blasphemy law and how it can be employed to prosecute people criticising Islam.

Authorities do not allow Christian couple to bury their child in local cemetery

The two-month-old baby girl was finally buried in a Christian cemetery, out of the village.

Five Chinese Christians detained for attending a Christian conference

Xuncheng Church has been heavily targeted in recent months.

A church was burned down by unknown arsonists in Indonesia

Before lighting the building on fire, the perpetrator vandalised the church facilities, including chairs and tables.