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Christian YouTuber sentenced to 10 years in prison in Indonesia

The inconsistent standard embedded in Indonesia’s legal system is self-evident.

Christians continue to suffer persecution in Indonesia

Freedom of religion has been under threat for many years in Indonesia

Indonesian governments counts on the Catholic Chruch to promote interreligious-harmony

The government of the Republic of Indonesia expects the Catholic Church to promote religious moderation.

Indonesian Pastor targeted for his remarks regarding the Quran

Pastor Abraham was sentenced to four years for religious defamation and a fine equivalent to USD $3,565 in May 2018.

A Muslim preacher calls the Bible "fiction" and faces 5 months in jail

Under the same blasphemy law, a Christian YouTuber converted from Islam faces up to ten years in prison.

A YouTuber threatened with 10 years in prison for blasphemy in Indonesia

The prosecutor claims the man "deliberately disseminated false information" in order to "cause unrest in the country"

Young Christians rejected for reporting cleric’s hate speech against Christians

Christians are often stgmatised for their faith in Indonesia.

Christian politician faces imprisonment for "hate speech" in Indonesia

Hutahaean has joined the list of other Christians recently arrested and detained for insulting Islam on social media.

Christmas greetings not well seen in Indonesian South Sulawesi region

Discrimination against Christians remains widespread across this region of Asia

Indonesian Christian charged with blasphemy for offensive Twitter post

Non-Muslims being charged and jailed for blasphemy in Indonesia in unfortunately commonplace.