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Five Chinese Christians detained for attending a Christian conference

Xuncheng Church has been heavily targeted in recent months.

A church was burned down by unknown arsonists in Indonesia

Before lighting the building on fire, the perpetrator vandalised the church facilities, including chairs and tables.

Schoolchildren vandalise Christian graves in Indonesia

The students vandalised all the Christian crosses and symbols in the cemetery.

Four christians decapitated by Islamists in Indonesia

On the 11th of May, four coffee planters, aged between forty-two and sixty-one years, were decapitated by Islamist extremists.

Fifty-three suspects arrested by Indonesian police after cathedral bombing

At least twenty-one people were injured in the attack.

Yasmin Church denied access to their property despite Supreme Court ruling

It is not rare that Indonesian Christians are victim of such situations of religious intolerance

Violence escalating in Papua, Indonesia

Tension increases in the Indonesian province of Papua, in eastern Indonesia, plagued by separatist turmoil.

Another suspect linked to Makassar Cathedral attack arrested

The deadly terror attack took place on Palm Sunday.

U.S. Embassy in Indonesia warns of potential terrorist attacks

As Ramadan approaches, Indonesia remains on high alert.

Indonesian Bishop: Palm Sunday cathedral bombing ‘disgraced human dignity’

Catholic News Agency held an interview with the Archbishop of Jakarta.