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Indonesian terrorist suspects linked to church bombing killed by the police

On the 6th of January, two suspected Islamic militants were killed by police in Indonesia’s South Sulawesi province.

Nephews of martyred Papuan pastor allegedly killed by the military

The brothers were the nephews of a sixty-seven-year-old Papuan pastor, brutally murdered by a military man last September.

Catholic seminarian was killed in Papua on Christmas Eve

On the evening of the 24th of December, the lifeless body of Zhage Sil, a Catholic seminarian, was found in Papua.

Indonesian police inspected churches before Christmas

Before Christmas, police officers across Indonesia inspected a number of churches in several areas to clear them from bomb threats

Indonesian churches urge Jakarta to stop violence in Papua

Many Papuans express their resentment for being part of Indonesia.

Al-Qaueda linked terrorist group set up fake charity boxes to raise funds

The group wants to establish an Islamic state in Southeast Asia and was behind the 2002 Bali bombing.

More than twenty children traumatised in Indonesian attack

Christian men were assassinated by members of an Islamist group in Indonesia. Twenty-five children witnessed the tragedy.

Terrorists kill four Christians and burn church members’ homes in Indonesia

In 2018, fifteen people were killed and fifty-seven others were injured in suicide bombings in the Surabaya area.

Four Christians died in a terror attack in Indonesia

Four Christians were murdered, three of them butchered in the attack.

Indonesian bishops condemn the killing of a Catholic man in Papua

Following the killing of the man, Catholic bishops met with government officials to express their concern.