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Spanish influencer attacked on social media for being Catholic

The man described the whole situation as "ridiculous".

Facebook censors ACN's campaign to help abused women

Facebook claims to have received complaints from people who objected to the advert.

Polish right-wing party's Facebook page blocked

The page had nearly 700.000 followers.

Twitter suspends activist who criticised "surgical mutilation of minors"

Twitter has come under fire from conservatives and Republican elected officials for censoring right-wing views on the platform.

New emoji designs depict "pregnant man" and androgynous "pregnant person"

The vast majority of emoji fans are not anticipating the new "inclusive" designs, according to Emojipedia's own polling.

China imposes new ban on Christian content on social media

In addition to WeChat, many popular Christian websites have stopped updates for good

Spanish MP temporarily banned from Twitter for saying men can’t get pregnant

Francisco Contreras told LifeSiteNews he is not the first conservative Spanish politician to be banned.

Bible apps and Christian WeChat accounts shut down in China

China shows yet again why it is considered one of the worst persecutors of Christians.

Amazon withdraws books critical of LGBT and gender ideology

Censorship by social media giants and big companies is something that ceases to surprise.

Amazon removed a best-selling book about sex-change

Now the book can be purchased directly from the publisher Encounter Books.