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Spanish MP temporarily banned from Twitter for saying men can’t get pregnant

Francisco Contreras told LifeSiteNews he is not the first conservative Spanish politician to be banned.

Bible apps and Christian WeChat accounts shut down in China

China shows yet again why it is considered one of the worst persecutors of Christians.

Amazon withdraws books critical of LGBT and gender ideology

Censorship by social media giants and big companies is something that ceases to surprise.

Amazon removed a best-selling book about sex-change

Now the book can be purchased directly from the publisher Encounter Books.

Netflix releases trailer for its first-ever Christian musical

"A Week Away" is going to be one of the first faith-based movies acquired to be a Netflix original

The Facebook page of Core Issues Trust (CIT) has been deleted

Online censorship of Christian and conservative content by social media giants is becoming commonplace nowadays.

The You Tube channel of LifeSiteNews has been removed

Being completely removed from YouTube means they have lost access to more than 300,000 followers.

YouTube suspended the conservative LifeSiteNews channel

YouTube also conducts similar activities in Poland. The wRealu24 channel has also been suspended several times .

Over 500 churches use phone streaming so members can listen to live services

The audio service allows people to listen to a live stream of a church worship service on a telephone line.

YouTube removes video exposing LGBT ideology

The leader of a Polish pro-life organisation confirms LGBT censorship is becoming more common — especially online.